Ganga. Himavan, the king of mountains, had two daughters, Ganga and Uma.

Himavan, the king of mountains, had two daughters, Ganga and Uma.

Ganga is a holy river.
The angels took her to heaven.
There Brahma washed the feet of Hari with gangajal.
Skanda was born to God Siva. Ganga carried him in her arms.
Bhagiratha was an ancient king of our country.
He prayed to river Ganga -"Please come down to earth.
Then go to patala. Remove the sins of my ancestors,
the Sagaras, by flowing over their ashes!"
Ganga agreed to do so. But she came down from heaven
with great force.
To prevent her from breaking the earth God Siva held
her on his head.
She could not flow out. She was caught in His hair.
Bhagiratha prayed to Siva to set her free. Siva let her
down on earth.
Thus Bhagiratha brought her down to earth. So Ganga
is called Bhagirathi.
Rishi Jahnu was doing tapas on earth.
Ganga flowed over him. She tried to drown him.
But the sage drank her up at one sip. He let her out through his right ear.
So Ganga came to be called Jahnavi.
Ganga married King Santanu on earth. Bhishma was
their son.
Holy places like Varanasi, Hardwar and Prayag lie on
the banks of the river Ganga. (From Culture Course-BVB)
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