GHMC chief’s cabin gets a stunning facelift

GHMC chief’s cabin gets a stunning facelift

GHMC chief’s cabin gets a stunning facelift. On Monday, the AP High Court slammed the GHMC’s decision to gift Apple iPads to 150 corporators and co-option members and Samsung Tablets to some media-personnel, all costing Rs 72.45 lakh.

French Window & a lawn and a fountain adjacent

On Monday, the AP High Court slammed the GHMC’s decision to gift Apple iPads to 150 corporators and co-option members and Samsung Tablets to some media-personnel, all costing Rs 72.45 lakh. The court questioned how the corporation cited lack of funds for clearing garbage but was willing to offer gifts to corporators and others. Looks like the GHMC will have to face more flak from the public as its Commissioner, Somesh Kumar, renovated his office again this month at a cost of Rs 14 lakh. This is the second such renovation to his office in the past six months since he assumed charge. What’s startling is that the rest of the corporation’s office, especially the toilets, still remains in a pathetic condition, even though its renovation was ordered long time ago by the Commissioner himself.

It’s been barely six months since the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Commissioner Somesh Kumar’s office got a facelift. This month again, the civic chief’s chambers underwent a major overhaul.

Somesh Kumar’s office has been upgraded where the wall adjoining his cabin has been removed making the office much more spacious. Not just that, this time the walls facing his desk have also been razed to make way for French windows. Apart from the windows, Somesh Kumar has a small lawn and a water fountain installed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of his cabin.

Sources close to Somesh Kumar said that the renovation was taken up as the Commissioner felt it was essential to revamp the GHMC office before going ahead with the beautification of the city. The total cost towards this purpose is said to be around Rs 14 lakh.

Mayor Majid Hussain too was startled when he had a look at Somesh Kumar’s office. He remarked, “Masha Allah! Kya lagra ji aapka office (My God! Your office looks stunning).”

Bitten by the renovation bug

In November 2013, Somesh Kumar cited vaastu and got a makeover done for his chambers. The Corporation's engineering wing renovated the Commissioner's chambers by spending a huge amount. He reportedly directed the officials to make necessary changes apart from expanding his chamber, changing flooring and other modifications.

As per vaastu, the wash room in the Commissioner's chamber, located at the north-east corner, was changed as it was the ideal location for a puja room.

Somesh Kumar is the first Commissioner to modify and renovate his cabin which otherwise remained the same way for over 15 years.

What about other renovations?

In November 2013 when the Commissioner inspected the head office building, he had asked for the toilets of the GHMC building, abutting the CPRO office, to be rectified as foul smell was emanating from it. Six months on, this activity is yet to be rectified.

Though there is some form of sanitation work taking place, there is no complete respite from the smell. In the same month Somesh Kumar conducted a grievance redressal meeting for the employees of the GHMC where he directed the engineering officials to visit a few five-star hotels in the city and study their sanitation methods. But as of now the toilets continue to raise a stink.

Furious over the urgency to renovate the Commissioner’s office, Singireddy Srinivas Reddy, floor leader, TDP, said, “For all other maintenance works of the GHMC, the officials have shielded themselves under the Moral Code of Conduct. But no such matter arose when the Commissioner wanted to get his chambers renovated. This is not fair to the public and their money, as it was spent in renovating his cabin."

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