What kind of shopper are you?

What kind of shopper are you?

What kind of shopper are you? Shopping can be fun and a challenge for some; tiring and frustrating for others; and for many, it can be filled with bargain pieces or indulgent purchases.

Shopping can be fun and a challenge for some; tiring and frustrating for others; and for many, it can be filled with bargain pieces or indulgent purchases. A shopper can be differentiated in many ways according to their mindset and choices -- which one are you?

According to money saving site, NetVoucherCodes.co.uk, there are seven categories of shoppers, each with specific buying habits from the frugal bargain hunter to the high-end fashionista, reports femalefirst.co.uk.
The team has put together a guide to help you decide which category you fall in:
Bargain shopper: Bargain shoppers are seldom spotted on the high street unless there are lots of sales on. They never buy unless prices have been slashed to the maximum and if not then they’ll come back a couple of weeks later to check again. These shoppers will stop at nothing to hunt down a coupon or discount.
The Researcher: A researcher is never knowingly undersold on price. These shoppers take time to shop around both online and in store until they are convinced they have found the best possible price and best item for their budget. They’ll spend five months researching every brand and model of the product they’re interested in and then visit 16 review websites just to make sure they’ve got the best price.
The Negotiator: No price is set in stone for this shopper and they never pay what’s on the ticket without a little haggling first, regardless of how cheap. Their sole purpose in life is to win the battle with every single sales assistant they encounter by approaching every negotiation with a drive.
Old Faithful: The old faithful never dares to leave its natural habitat and buys absolutely everything from the same store. Their favourite shop’s closure would have the same devastating effect as that of the loss of a close family member. What’s more? All the staff know this shopper by name and they are greeted with the same love and affection you’d pay a long lost friend.
The Returner: They might not think twice about buying when in the shop, but once they get their shopping home two thirds of their purchases come back. Nothing is ever right for this shopper, be it fit, colour or style. They’ll even masquerade their own poor decision making for problems with the garment, and quibble over minor faults for a refund.
Impulse buyer: With an impulse buyer the price tag always takes a back seat to desire. This shopper takes one look at a product and purchases it. They don’t actually need what they’re buying, and it might be ridiculously over priced, but when will they see something this amazing again?
High-end fashionista: No matter what it is, this shopper won’t buy unless it’s designer. They’re willing to pay against the odds for a product just because of the label and like to show off their cash.
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