Novel way to teach executive lessons

Novel way to teach executive lessons

Novel way to teach executive lessons. Playing games like poker, bridge, blackjack and solitaire may be considered as gambling in India. But what these ...

Software professionals were engaged in building house of cards The lesson: A team that plays together stays together

Playing games like poker, bridge, blackjack and solitaire may be considered as gambling in India. But what these playing cards have to do with IT companies? They are now being used as learning tools for techies.

On Friday, 250 software testing and software development professionals of ZenQ, a city based IT services company, were creatively engaged to play cards.

Divided into 25 teams of 10 members each, they were given away several packs or sets of playing cards and were asked to build structures. The team that built the tallest structure was given away prizes. But there was a trick here.

A refreshment break was given after which the team’s structure that remained firm was given the prize.

“It was a unique activity. It taught me coordination, team spirit, time management, networking, the fine art of balancing between personal, professional and social lives and various facets of life and also came as a refreshing stress buster,” said Heena, one of the participants.

“It taught me the importance of strong foundation without which no structure ever remains firm, so with all individuals,” said Harika.

“I had come out of my comfort zone. I never used to mingle with people earlier. Now I came out of my shell and worked as a team,” said Rakesh.

“Though we are not professional card stackers, we decently built freestanding structures of 8-10 floors. It was a unique activity. I thoroughly enjoyed,” said Rajasri.

“It was fun. It brought all the 250 participants drawn from four different offices together. It gave opportunity to many of our staff to interact with other teammates. This was our objectivity behind organising this programme. When the staff go back to office, they would work with the same comfort in the team,” said Pavan.

“The team that plays together is the team that stays together,” said Murali Bollu, CEO of ZenQ.

“A house or tower of cards created by stacking playing cards on top of each other is an expression which is several hundred years old, which means a structure or argument built on a shaky foundation will not last long. Many useful lessons are drawn and taught by almost all premier management colleges across the globe,” added Murali.

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