Hyderabad among top 10 cities that attract tech talent


Hyderabad Among Top 10 Cities That Attract Tech Talent. As per LinkedIn analysis, India has certainly beaten Silicon Valley when it comes to enticing...

Beating cities like San Francisco, Seattle and Melbourne, four Indian cities – Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune and Chennai-- have found a spot among the top 10 cities across the world to attract people with tech skills. This was revealed in an analysis by LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service. Other cities in the top 10 list included Austin in the US and Sydney in Australia.

As per LinkedIn analysis, India has certainly beaten Silicon Valley when it comes to enticing tech talent. It analysed their member’s data from 52 cities all over the world and filtered out the median percentage of new residents with technology skills. It found that it was 16 per cent or 1 out of 6 new members from those cities had tech skills. In that calculation, all four Indian cities in the top 10 rank had a median average of almost double of 16 per cent.

The result of this survey suggests two important factors--most of the technologically skilled population is moving in to the cities and India is witnessing unprecedented boom in technology sector as more and more skilled persons (at least on LinkedIn) are choosing technology as their domain.

The three most popular categories of skills among the surveyed members were IT infrastructure and systems management, Java development and web programming. Among these, the keywords: ‘Java Development’ and ‘Web Programming’ are the ones which are the most preferred by new technology talents coming into these cities.

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