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people speak

Hyderabad Hans readers make an appeal to authorities to look into their concerns. Dirty surroundings near bus bay. GHMC must use better garbage...

Hyderabad Hans readers make an appeal to authorities to look into their concerns

Dirty surroundings near bus bay

I'd like to appreciate you for creating a platform for public to speak out about the issues concerning them. Keep the good work going. I write this to bring to the notice of authorities about a pestering problem commuters face at Uppal Ring Road. As you make your way towards Nagole bus bay, the stench the garbage dumped on and around the sidewalk becomes unbearable. People continue to urinate on the sidewalk and add to the odour. Water stagnates at particular places along the road. The surprising thing is that food stalls are placed next to all this. It is obvious that people will fall ill consuming such unhygienic foods. But people have food from here nonetheless. I hope that the concerned authorities do something to tackle this issue by placing signboards instructing the people not to urinate and cleaning up the mess regularly.

Reethika Raj, Uppal

GHMC must use better garbage trucks

It is a practice for lorries and tempos to collect the garbage from various localities and shopping complexes in the morning and dump it at a remote place. Unfortunately, the garbage is carried in open vehicles all through the route or is only partly covered with a tattered tarpaulin. Due to this, garbage chunks fall off from the vehicle. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) must adopt better means of transportation to take away the garbage so as to not sprinkle the air with garbage while trucks shoot off towards their destination.

Y Aruna, Marredpally

What is the point of having bus stops?

The bus shelters near Metro Super Bazar (KPHB) are useless. Though there is a proper bus bay, a little distance away from the supermarket, bus drivers insist on stopping at Metro only. It is hell for commuters as drivers stop the bus on the main road. Commuters have to risk their life due to the movement of other vehicles. Many complaints have been made, but the RTC authorities do not care. What is the point of having bus stops when drivers don’t stop at the bus stop? Why aren’t bus drivers instructed to stop at these stops and not a few metres ahead or behind? I hope that the RTC takes some steps towards this matter.

K Bhaskara Rao, Nizampet X Roads

Need enclosure for electrical transformer

For months together the transformer adjacent to Yashoda Hospital at Patny, is left unenclosed and is extremely dangerous to passersby. In recent times we have seen that even insulated wires have proved fatal to people when it snapped and fell off on those standing under a tree for shelter against the rain. Therefore we at Heaven Welfare Organisation request the concerned authorities to see that it’s immediately covered.

Heaven Welfare Organisation

Bad roads continue to haunt commuters

The NFC Road heading towards ECIL is in a pathetic condition since months now. Only a part of the road can be seen and the rest is a rocky terrain. The road is filled with dust throughout and it is almost impossible for two-wheeler commuters to drive. The road had been dug almost a year ago for laying water pipelines and was later covered by mud. The road is now prone to accidents and it is all because of the sheer negligence of government to rebuild the road. Travelling through the roads is leading to allergies and spine problems. The government should look into the problem and solve it at the earliest.

Saket, Kushaiguda

Fraudulent transactions

It was a normal Thursday morning for me until messages beeped in my mobile saying ‘Your transaction of USD 300, USD 320 has been cancelled due to invalid CVV number’. I was clueless about this as I didn’t buy anything nor did I share my credit card information with anyone. Before I could call the customer care, another message read that a transaction of USD 4.23 was made through my card. When I contacted the branch to complain of not blocking my card even after the CVV number was twice entered wrong by the fraudulent users, they blamed me saying that I must had shared my card info with someone, whereas it wasn’t the fact. It is sad on the bank’s part to harass a consumer for what he hasn’t done. I request the bank to be more responsible towards issues like these and wave off the transaction done by the unknown hacker.

Sunil, Uppal

Suspicious vehicles hinder traffic

A few ambulance vehicles have been parked opposite to State TB Hospital, Rajendranagar, since the last month, in particular one suspicious vehicle No AP11V 8055. The public here do not know whether the owner of these vehicles live in any one of the apartments nearby. Further these vehicles are proving to be hindrances for commuters as they take up most of the space on the road. I request the police to look into the matter and take appropriate actions.

Dr V Madhava Rao, Rajendranagar

Toxic groundwater

The people in Nacharam are facing many problems due to bad groundwater. It is mainly because of the industries releasing their toxic wastes into the ground. We used to buy packaged drinking water from markets as the water here has high fluorine content and used the groundwater only for bathing, but now the water is not even fit for that. The groundwater is blackish blue and bathing with it is causing skin diseases and allergies. The government should check with the industries in the area and take action against those disposing their industrial wastes into the ground.

Rahul, Nacharam

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