Innovative, eco-friendly models at science expo

Innovative, eco-friendly models at science expo

The premises of Gora Science Centre transformed into a research and development hub on Wednesday as schoolchildren and college students displayed...

The 54th Science and Technology Exhibition will be on display at the Gora Centre till Friday

The premises of Gora Science Centre transformed into a research and development hub on Wednesday as schoolchildren and college students displayed several models on a variety of scientific themes as part of the 54th Science and Technology Exhibition, which will be on till December 5.

The annual science fair attracted a large number of students. It provided an opportunity to students to showcase their scientific talent, who came up with innovative, eco-friendly and cost effective projects. Every exhibit at the expo is a practical demonstration of a science lesson for visitors. All the innovative exhibits are meant for the well-being of mankind, which focuses on tapping the available natural resources effectively without disturbing the ecological balance. The models on display at the exhibition include emergency mobile charger, escalator mechanism, canal top solar plant, hydrogen power, energy saving solutions, volatile oil, male and female reproductive systems, suspension bridge, solar bottle bulb, invitro fertilisation, rainwater harvesting and industrious termites.

Students of a government high school exhibited a model on the theme ‘Save the Rivers - Save the Lives’. The exhibit on ‘Automatic Irrigation System’ demonstrates how solar panels can be set up on top of the canals after desiltation to generate power. There is a sewage water treatment plant model for irrigation purpose. Step irrigation is another exhibit where crops can be grown in layers. The excess water of the top layer meets the water requirements of the plants beneath it.

“We worked on this project for one week and succeeded in readying it within a short time for the science expo,’’ said Ch Sivaji and M Raj Kumar, ninth class students of SKPVV Hindu High School.

Students of MK Gandhi High School have come up with an eco-friendly Ganesh idol to check pollution of lakes and other water bodies. A Ganesh idol made of non-biodegradable plaster of Paris is placed in an aquarium to describe its harmful effects to the marine species, besides polluting water. In another model, a bowl with a soft drink is put on a stove. Upon heating, the soft drink releases a substance which is harmful to the teeth and kidneys. It highlights the hazardous effects due to excessive consumption of soft drinks.

The models exhibited by college students relate to software and technology. They include electronic transport system, bus positioning system, marker based augmented reality- creation of virtual object in a real world, remote coordination of home appliances with IR transmitter, Hybridoma technology, food colouring and hazards, sewage water treatment in three stages, influenza symptoms, dialysis system, animal cells, endobronchial ultrasound and human body parts. Government Dental College students have set up a medical camp at the venue to educate visitors on dental and oral hygiene.

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