Mischief-mongers keep cops on their toes


Mischief-mongers are giving head-ache to the new police commissionerate here. They indulge in objectionable activities like bike-

Karimnagar: Mischief-mongers are giving head-ache to the new police commissionerate here. They indulge in objectionable activities like bike-racing, damaging glass panes of parked cars, including the glass panes of a circle inspector’s vehicle, stealing petrol from parked two-wheelers and so on.

The police are apparently ‘clueless’ about these miscreants. While the city police are busy drawing up plans to check crimes in the city under the leadership of their boss Kamalasan Reddy, the anti-social elements have thrown a challenge to the police daring them to catch them if they can. As the night descends, the troublemakers resort to bike racing, prohibited by the law. The people are dreading listening to bike-riders shouts.

Kamalasan Reddy ordered the police to work with efficiency and is busy drawing up plans to bring down crime.

The problem of these elements persisted even before the police commissionerate came into existence. The police appeared to have turned a blind eye to the bike racing by trouble-mongers as they are preoccupied with works like formation of new districts and establishment of new commissionerate, reorganisation of police staff and so on. These mischief-mongers have been making the police to spend sleepless nights.

In yet another incident, the drunkards have been disturbing peace in city slum areas and city outskirts creating a fuss well past midnight.

Some other troublemakers are resorting to damaging glass window panes of parked cars, stealing petrol from two-wheelers, rendering the parked vehicles out of order causing damage to engine. They are not striking not only in the outskirts where there is minimum security. They also targeted a circle inspector’s jeep parked in front of a city police station. They threw stones at it causing damage to glass window panes. The particular police station always figures in news for one thing or the other.

The unruly elements resorted to bike racing somewhere on the city outskirts and caused damage to glass windows of five cars parked outside.

Such incents normally get reported from Subash Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Kisan Nagar, Mankamma Thota, Mukarampura, Padmanagar and Ram Nagar localities of the city. While some people brought the incident to the notice of the police, some others kept mum.

In the Seven Hills area of the city, in broad daylight a person barged into a house but fled the place when the inmates raised a hue and cry. Harassment of women is on the rise. People are very much afraid of parking their vehicles outside.

The police remained alert ever since the CI’s official vehicle was damaged. But catching the troublemakers became a huge problem as the police have no clue about them.

The CCTV cameras installed at important places in the city became dysfunctional. The police are busy replacing the damaged CCTV cameras with private participation. They have been urging people to fix CCTV cameras in apartment and commercial complexes.

Meanwhile, the city police spoke to the history-sheeters in the city and asked them to behave like gentlemen by not causing any law and order problem.

The new police commissioner, Kamalasan Reddy, seems to be working very hard on how to tackle the problem due to mischief-mongers.

According to a city-dweller, Pydipalli Raju, the people are encountering nuisance because of the mischief-mongering gangs. They have no hesitation to indulge in bike-racing even on busy roads. One should think twice to send women alone out especially during night time.

Another city-dweller, Sankar, said that youth are causing accidents driving bikes under tipsy condition. The police should set their sights on the activities of the trouble makers. Many persons are apprehensive of complaining against them to the police as the troublemakers always indulge in creating nuisance.

Ch Gopalakrishna

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