Nutrition Corner : Eight essentials for Woman

Nutrition Corner : Eight essentials for Woman

“If a woman of the house is educated, the whole nation will be educated “said Nehru. So is the health! If the woman of the house is...

“If a woman of the house is educated, the whole nation will be educated “said Nehru. So is the health! If the woman of the house is healthy so is the family.

Here are eight health essentials for a perfect woman :
1. Eat well balanced diet. Five food groups are important in keeping up the balance. Your plate must contain carbs, protein, fruits, vegetables and milk & milk products.

2. Extra physical activity apart from regular chores is an important USP for keeping fit. Enjoy the exercise you love.

3. PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) is most common because of changed lifestyle. Have extra protein during this time as proteins are basis for hormone balance. Add flax seed or fish oil supplements to meet up omega fatty acid requirement and lessen the bloating condition of PMS. Egg white , non veg , fish, soya and legumes are rich sources of proteins.

4. Bone health is very important for women as they go through the process of pregnancy and lactation when major bone reserves will be used up. Having 300 ml of milk per day along with curd in the daily menu helps build up strong bones. Eat vitamin C fruits for greater absorption of calcium . Physical activity helps strengthen the bones.

5. Haemoglobin is another component that needs attention. Right levels of hemoglobin gives you stamina and staying power. Eat iron rich foods along with protein and vitamin C. non veg foods, dates, greens are rich sources of iron. Fresh citrus fruits give plenty of vitamin C. Non veg foods have heam iron which will be directly absorbed and improves hemoglobin quickly.

6. Prevention is another tag line for women. Daily dose mantra : bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables, hand full nuts , cup of greens and eight glasses of water is a must to prevent heart diseases , keep up the liver condition , flush out toxins and maintain good gut.

7. Relaxation and good night sleep helps to rejuvenate the body and mind . Banana, bread , milk helps in relaxing the mind and body by releasing serotonin. Exercise helps to release feel good hormones that does the trick of looking good.

8. Me time. Enjoy a special time for yourself so that you give your best time to your family.

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