Natural remedies to treat measles

Natural remedies to treat measles

Natural remedies to treat measles Measles also called as rubeola or morbilli, is a common condition noticed in the summers.

Measles also called as rubeola or morbilli, is a common condition noticed in the summers.

Caused by the paramyxo virus, measles infects the lining at the back of the throat with its initial symptoms of high fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, loss of appetite, diarrhea or vomiting and sore throat which later progresses into rashes.

For the prevention against the measles, the highly efficient MMR vaccine (Measels, Mumps and Rubella) can be taken.

Natural Remedies to cure Measles

Tamarind seeds:

Considered as one of the effective natural cure for measles, the mixture of equal portions of powdered tamarind seeds and turmeric powder in the doses of 350gm to 425gm should be given to the person suffering from measles three times in a day.


Half spoon of powdered liquorice root and honey mixture taken daily will yield better results.

Margosa leaves:

With antiviral and antiseptic properties, Margosa leaves can be added to hot bathing water, to relieve the patient of itching from the rashes.

Lemon juice:

Mix about 15-25ml of lemon juice, with water for an effective cure for measles.


Powder the cloves of garlic, add honey and take this mixture daily for better results.

Bitter gourd leaves:

Juice of bitter gourd leaves with powdered turmeric root mixed with honey is a very effective natural cure for measles.

Indian gooseberry (Amla):

To get rid of burning sensation or itching of measles, Indian gooseberry powder mixed with water is very effective. Also, Amla powder mixed with water can be used to wash the body.

Coconut water:

With nutrients and natural sugar, Coconut water helps in cleansing the body of toxic elements and coconut flesh is rich in anti-oxidants.


To treat the coughs in measles, barley water flavored with a few drops of sweetened almond oil is a very effective natural cure that should be taken as frequently as possible.

Egg plant seeds:

In developing immunity against measles, about half to one gram of the Egg plant seeds can be given daily for three days, for better results.

Calendula flowers:

Containing essential minerals, Calendula flowers help in speeding the recovery process of measles. Add one tablespoon of the powdered flower to three cups of boiled water; drain and drink twice a day till the symptoms of measles exist. To make it more palatable and effective, peppermint oil or sugar can be added.


Mix butter and sugar candy in equal measures if measles is accompanied by fever and take 2 tsp. of the mixture in the morning.

Orange juice:

With a loss of appetite, Orange juice makes good for this loss of appetite and loss of saliva.

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