How Magnetic bracelets work for health

How Magnetic bracelets work for health

How Magnetic Bracelets Work For Health. The vogue for sparkling, magnetic bracelets is enduring. While the bracelets-' main design elements of a...

The vogue for sparkling, magnetic bracelets is enduring. While the bracelets' main design elements of a magnetic clasp and mesh body are typical from brand to brand, the various incarnations are winning fans both in terms of buyers and customers shopping in stores and online.

With pocket-friendly price tickets, styles that translate from daytime to night out, and an ever-growing number of incarnations, these magnetic bracelets are an eye-catching way to attract sales.

Aarogyam Biomagnetic jewellery available at, makes the best use of the functional application of magnets to the body to stimulate various nerves and create a better flow of blood into various parts of the body, it is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body parts for healing purpose.

Researchers said today that magnetic bracelets, worn by many for their supposed health benefits, do reduce the pain of osteoarthritis.

The study focused on 194 patients, aged 45 to 80, who had osteoarthritis of the hip or knee.

Magnetic jewellery makes the usage of the magnets to treat many medical conditions, including cancer, rheumatoid disease, stress-related illness and body pain.

How the magnetic bracelet works?

Iron makes up about 4% of the blood that flows through the body. Since iron is attracted to magnets, when magnetic objects are placed on a specific area of the body this attracts the blood flow to that area. This brings increased oxygen and nutrients to the area and the muscles, since they are also getting increased blow flow, tend to lengthen and become more relaxed. In a typical treatment, small magnets are attached to the acupuncture points of the body by means of adhesive tape. As the magnets polarize they act in a pulsating manner much like that of manipulating acupuncture needles, with the exception that there is no insertion of needles into the body and no pain associated with this therapy.


Biomagnetic therapy is the application of magnets to the body to stimulate the nerves and create a better blood flow to various parts of the body.

When FIR penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues, it transforms from light energy in to heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate, promoting a better blood circulation, and the heat so produced helps to get rid of body toxins and metabolic wastes through sweating

Improves immune power enhances energy level. regulates blood pressure.

Enhances body ,brain & mental power .

Helps the body regain its self-healing balance naturally, because each organ and cell in the body is influenced by magnetic fields.

It helps in Insomnia/Sleeplessness, Constipation, Blood pressure, Respiratory problems, Arthritis & Rheumatism, Backache, Headache etc.

Assist your body to heal itself faster, Promote cell regeneration, Provide increased energy levels, Provide increased circulation, Allow better mobility, Provide deeper, more restful sleep.

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