Having spent 24 years in the field of management and leadership education, Sameer Dua discovered the generative power in human beings, and how each individual has a choice in what he or she creates.

In his first book, ‘Declaring Breakdowns – Powerfully creating a future that matters’, which was launched in the city on Monday, he talks about six simple steps detailing how each one of us has an almost certain, probable, default future. 

The book is about mastering the art and science of generating breakthrough results in each area of our lives. Sameer, who is the Founder Director and the programme leader for The Institute for Generative Leadership, India said,

“To enable individuals, teams and organisations to take care of what they care about; and to awaken individuals to their power of creation. 

This book is another way through which I thought we could reach a wider audience in enabling them to take care of what they care about; and to awaken them to their power of creation.

“The distinctions that I have written about in my book, ‘Declaring Breakdowns’ are such fundamental and crucial distinctions that I thought need to be out there in the world for a wider audience”, he added. 

The 221 pages book, published by SAGE and priced at Rs.395 has forewords by Kiran Majumdar Shaw and Bob Dunham, and is available on Amazon.in.

Sameer is about to complete his second book in the area of generative leadership, and this book will be released early 2017.