Students of Open Minds School dominated on the second day of Muddy Soles inter-school tournament in Gachibowli on Thursday, especially in carroms.

Children who took the first spot in the game include K Kanishka Chowdary in under-12 boys, Tanvi Rao in under-14 girls and Sanjana Reddy in under-16 girls.

In addition, most of the the second spots in the game were taken by children of the school.

Other sports played on the day included football, basketball, tennis, kabaddi, kho-kho, shotput, long jump, high jump, track events, chess, carom and table tennis.

“The tournament in its second year saw an overwhelming response from 350 students from schools in the city,” informed Padmaja Penmetsa; Life Coach and Chief People Officer.

Results - Chess U-16 Boys: 1 Karan Bardhan (Glendale School), 2. Monish Reddy (Glendale School);

 Football U-16 Boys: 1. Oakridge International School, 2. Glendale Academy;

 Caroms U-12 Boys: 1. K Kanishka Chowdary (Open Minds School), 2. C Shishim Reddy (Open Minds School);

 Caroms U-12 Girls: 1. Reeth Kedia (Glendale Academy), 2. R Shakunthala Sreeja (Ganyes Valley);

Caroms U-14 Girls: 1. Tanvi Rao (Open Minds School), 2. Kambanpati Shubha (Open Minds School);

Caroms U-16 Girls: 1. Sanjana Reddy (Open Minds School), 2. Kirthi Reddy (Open Minds School);

 200M U-12 Boys: 1. T Soumaey (Glendale Academy), 2. Abdul (Meridian Schools);

 200M U-14 Boys: 1. Saideep (Obul Reddy), 2. Aditya (Glendale Academy);

200M U-16 Boys: 1. Manas (Meridian Schools), 2. Vijay Reddy (Meridian Schools);

 200M U-14 Girls: 1. Ananya (Obul Reddy), 2. Raima (Glendale Academy);

 200M U-16 Girls: 1. Kahrika (Obul Reddy), 2. Aashma (Open Minds);

 400M U-14 Boys: 1. V Hitesh (Meridian Schools), 2. K Akhil (Meridian Schools);

400M U-16 Boys: 1. Kedar Kelkar (Obul Reddy), 2. PV Vijay Reddy (Meridian Schools);

 400M U-14 Girls: 1. Ishika Ponwal (Obul Reddy), 2. Fatima Saleem (Glendale Academy);

 400M U-16 Girls: 1. Vindhya Kilaru (Glendale Academy), 2. Kirthi Reddy (Open Minds);

 Table Tennis U-16 Boys: 1. Athreya (Meridian Schools), 2. B Tejaswath (Ganges Valley);

 Shot Put U-14 Boys: 1. Ahmik (Glendale Academy), 2. Adithya Nair (Glendale Academy);

 Shot Put U-14 Girls: 1. Navya (Glendale Academy), 2. Chaitra (CGR); Kho Kho: 1. Obul Reddy, 2. CGR School.