Lal Darwaza Temple reflects communal harmony

Lal Darwaza Temple reflects communal harmony

The 110 year old Lal Darwaza which reflects the Telangana culture of the Ganga Jamuna tehzib is gearing up for the Bonalu festivities from July 27

Lal Darwaza : The 110-year-old Lal Darwaza which reflects the Telangana culture of the Ganga-Jamuna tehzib is gearing up for the Bonalu festivities from July 27.

With preparations on war-footing, the famous temple of Mahankali has been spruced up for the upcoming festivities.

Each year devotees throng Simhavahini Mahankali Temple which is over a century old, not only from different parts of the city but from nearby districts, and also states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra attend the grandeur of Bonalu and its splendid procession.

Earlier there were 13 doors to enter Hyderabad and the devotees visiting the Mahankali Temple used to come from all 13 doors. But the main entrance of the temple remained the famous Lal Darwaza.

“While entering and exiting from this door the devotees put saffron colour on the doors, hence the name Lal Darwaza came into being and still continues with the name,” said PY Kailash Veer, chairman of the temple.

History of Temple

During Nizam period in 1908, the Musi river broke all the embankments and flooded most of the city. The floods became the cause of numerous deaths and epidemics.

As diseases started spreading, it prompted a worried Nizam to ask his men to offer prayers at all religious places. In this endeavor, Nizam asked his advisor, Kishan Prasad to organise puja in now famous temple.

Mir Osman Ali Khan made a visit and offered saree, gold bangles and prayed for the wellbeing of Hyderabad. As a mark of this exercise, Bonalu festival is celebrated each year during the rainy season, the chairman added.

Similar to practice during those days, animal sacrifice was common during Bonalu festival, but since 1953 the practice has been discontinued and instead pumpkin (shakkar kaddu) is presented to the deity.

The structure of temple and the Idols remains the same. Later in 1968, Kaanchi Kaama Koti and many other Pujari's and Sri Sri Shankara Charayulu has established the Idol of Mahankali.

For nearly 50 years Pujari S.Narsimha has been doing the pooja here.

Amongst the dignitaries who visited the temple include Prime Ministers of India like Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, PV Narsimha Rao and almost all the Cheif Ministers.

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