This is just a start, says Ashok Babu


In a stern warning to the Central political leadership, the state government employees of all departments belonging to Coasta and Rayalaseema said if it goes ahead with the decision to bifurcate the state, then every wing of governance will be crippled. Expressing strong reservations on the moves taken by the Congress and UPA government, the representative of the departments said they are not here to blindly to accept the diktats of political leaders.

  • Entire governance will be crippled, warns APNGOs leader
  • ‘Million March in Hyderabad if Centre moves bill’
  • Political class cannot decide on division
  • 40,000 employees may have to leave Telangana
  • Decision on future course on Monday
  • No compromise on Hyderabad city
Hyderabad: In a stern warning to the Central political leadership, the state government employees of all departments belonging to Coasta and Rayalaseema said if it goes ahead with the decision to bifurcate the state, then every wing of governance will be crippled. Expressing strong reservations on the moves taken by the Congress and UPA government, the representative of the departments said they are not here to blindly to accept the diktats of political leaders. More than fifteen organizations, spearheaded by APNGOs have demonstrated their will at a massive meeting- named as “Save Andhra Pradesh” held at LB Stadium here on Saturday. Making it clear that they are not going to compromise on Hyderabad, the employee organizations have stated that this meeting is just a beginning and they have decided to continue the agitation for any number of days.
Leading the charge from the front, the President of APNGOs and the Convener of Samaikya Rashtra Parirakshana Vedika, Paruchuri Ashokbabu, announced that if the Centre goes ahead with the decision to bifurcate the state, then they would reply with a million march at Parade Grounds. “You are elected to rule and not to divide” he warned. “Four political parties cannot decide the fate of the state. We found fault with each and every political party for this mess up. They have to reconsider their decision and I urge the Union government not to pay heed to the truncated view of the parties. They should speak to people, understand their grievances and sort out the issues. And certainly bifurcation is not the solution. We don’t accept it and oppose it tooth and nail” he said amidst huge applause of the well-attended gathering.
“With immense agony, we gathered here. In a way, this is a historic meeting. Never before in independent India, a meeting of this sort, i.e. without any political participation and back up- had taken place.Some people questioned us why this meeting is convened when the situation is hot. We, in India don’t have the opportunity of referrundum to express our opinions and feelings openly. The voting facility is just confined to put a mark on the ballot sheet. So, to vent out our heart-burn, we decided to hold this meet” he explained.
“Some people of this region have bluntly told us that we have no right to hold a meeting since the decision to bifurcate is already over. Let me tell them clearly that it is the people who should decide the fate of the state. More so, Hyderabad belongs to each and every citizen of the state and none can question the constitutional rights” Ashok Babu added.
“If the State Assembly approves of the bifurcation after a debate, then people would bave been convinced to an extent. But the issue of bifurcation has come to the fore due to the political power greed of some parties” he criticized.
“Time has come for us to exert pressure on our MPs. They should immediately resign from their posts and bring the UPA government to its knees. Seemandhra MPs should be united just as Telengana MPs” he urged.
No political party will have future if it goes against the wishes of people, he remarked. Stating that if the state is divided, nearly 40,000 people shall have to leave Hyderabad, Ashok Babu reminded that many issues relating to promotions, transfers, salaries and even pensions will crop up. “Even to this day, hundreds of cases have been pending before High Courts in Jharkhand and Chattisgarh, the two newly formed states. For example, if the government is changed in 2014, there will be another set of rules. All of us feel this is just unjust” he said.
“Three classes viz students, RTC employees and employees will suffer most if the state is divided. And of course, the issues of water sharing, power supply and Hyderabad will be there. Recently in a meeting in Srikakulam, some parents asked us to defer the strike to facilitate their wards attend the engineering counseling. I asked the children where would he prefer to join. He immediately replied- CBIT in Hyderabad. I asked another guy what’s his preference and he said OMC (Osmania Medical College). I told them if a situation develops where they cannot in both the institutions, they have no answer. What I mean to stress here is the fact that when all the prominent institutions are located here, when all the world class business centres are here, no student or youth would be unwise to lose this” Ashok Babu elaborated.
The biggest casuality will be RTC where more than 20,000 employees will on roads, he said. UPA government shall have to be squarely responsible if the state is go into total darkness because of Electricity employees’ strike, he warned. “The Jai Andhra Movement went on for 108 days. We are prepared for even more than that. We will continue to agitate for days together. We will decide our future course of action on Monday” he declared.
RTC will be first to be hit by bifurcation
APSRTC will be the first organization to suffer from the bifurcation. The profit-making organization that provides livelihood to thousands is in danger of falling into private hands. People Seemandhra sacrificed their capital in Kurnool for the sake of merger. “It takes years and thousands of crores to develop a capital. First it was Madras, then Kurnool and now it’s the turn of Hyderabad to be lost to Seemandhra. We are not against any region, but the decision was unjustified as many of us came to Hyderabad for employment and education
- Employees Union president Chandrasekhar Reddy
Leaders should quit, join stir
The Central government which is in minority cannot take such a decision that impinges on crores of people of a State. It’s high time Seemandhra leaders sacrificed their posts to meet people’s aspirations and foil attempts to divide the State. This is a bogus process, which can only be stopped with the resignations of the Ministers and MPs. Nobody has asked Telangana leaders to protect them; they can protect themselves. The decision to stay or leave rests with us, as there are some 30 lakh Seemandhra people living in Hyderabad. Political leaders should stop ‘radhyatras’ and stand with the people
- Dr Mithra
Six-point formula won’t apply to Sectt
Yes, the Secretariat has more employees from Seemandhra than from Telangana. However, the six-point formula is not applicable to us and only merit matters. T leaders are deceiving the youngsters that there will one lakh government jobs if Telangana comes. Until 1990, the city did not have any development. Now it provides 17 lakh jobs. First they said backwardness, later raised the bogey of employment, after that it was termed self-respect. And now they are crying self-rule, which means that the government has satisfied all the above three
- Murali Krishna, Secretariat Seemandhra Employees Union leader
Electricity JAC strike from Sept 12
The Electricity JAC has decided to embark on strike from September 12. It is not right to say all the coal from the Telangana is being diverted to Seemandhra. All the power generated from the thermal power projects in the State is being utilized for the entire State. Around 54 per cent of the entire power generation is being utilized for Telangana, including the city of Hyderabad, while only 46 per cent is being used by Seemandhra. The power used for Hyderabad can support scores of villages, which get only a few hours of supply a day.
- Srinivas Rao, Electricity Employees JAC leader
610 GO already fulfilled
The entire process to fulfil the directions given in 610 GO were completed way back in 2008. Several employees from Seemandhra have been sent back. But still the political leaders from the Telangana region are hell-bent upon bifurcation, which is untenable.
- Krishna Mohan, Municipal Employees Association
Withdraw bifurcation
The decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh should be withdrawn, as it is detrimental to the interests of the larger sections of the State. We should continue our fight till the Centre announces that the State will not be bifurcated.
- Kamalakar, Convenor, Teachers Forum
If 17 MPs can compel Sonia, why not 23?
“When 17 MPs from Telangana can compel Sonia Gandhi to accept their demand, why not 23 MPs from Seemandhra put pressure on her with their resignations. Hyderabad during the last few decades transformed itself into one of the major international hubs, with establishment of IT companies, pharma, educational institutions and medical services. Why should the people of Seemandhra give up their rights on such a metropolis? The Osmania University does not cater to the students from Seemandhra. Whereas our universities still continue to provide 5 per cent quota to non-locals.
- Krishna Yadav, student JAC leader
Satyavani steals the show
You (KCR) advised the Chief Minister to run a curry point or a tiffin centre. Why belittling those two? Are you not eating the curry cooked by your wife? Batukamma is a goddess giving life to all the people. But KCR and his daughter have confined Batukamma to just the Telengana region. You (KCR) have stooped down to the level of your culture. But, this is not the culture of real Telengana folks. Let Lord Vinayaka give KCR some good sense. Knowing fully well that what his king Duryodhana doing is a shameful act, Karna kept silent because he was awarded with Angarajya. Manmohan Singh is also acting in the same manner. Some of our politicians especially MPs have been acting as Salyas.
- Satyavani, social activist
Respect law and the Constitution
OOyi Teluguvaada.. mari ade veluguvaada. Police and all Telengana leaders should respect the law and the Constitution and should not object Samaikyandhra sabhas in Hyderabad. If the bifurcation decision is not rescinded, the decision-makers (Congress) will be shunted out. - Ghazal Srinivas
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