French Gipsy Jazz Band BelTuner's Indian Tour Stopped At Hyderabad

French Gipsy Jazz Band BelTuners Indian Tour Stopped At Hyderabad

Thanks to Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad, I\'ve had the opportunity to question BelTuner about their general feeling of Hyderabad and their concert that just occurred. 

Thanks to Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad, I've had the opportunity to question BelTuner about their general feeling of Hyderabad and their concert that just occurred.

'There was no time to visit the city. They could not take a proper look at the city itself for the schedule was very tight. The combination of travel and performance caused them to be tired as they were given 2 days off only throughout their whole journey. But it is all worth it said the band.

When in Kerala, they were able to enjoy the Backwaters and tried the Ayurvedic massage. They found Bangalore's venue was one of the finest as they performed in a jazz concert hall before four hundred people. One could hardly wish for a better place to play music, guitarist and vocalist Pascal Muller confessed.

Today the crowd was just awesome, we enjoyed very much playing for them.

'We were asked to go to India by Pierre Emmanuel Jacob, AF Chenai director', says Pascal. 'We met 10 years ago. We trust in us. We feel very lucky'. Russia, Lithania, the United Arab Emirates, Southern Asia...all of these tours happened in partnership with the Alliance Francaise. We give energy and the public is very curious, respectuful, we shared nice warm moments with the Ecole Centrale students crowd at Mahindra. We felt there was so much interest in our music as well as a lot of curiosity. Everyone listens to music according to own personality', said Pascal.

The Gipsies originated from Northern india, therefore it all makes sense for us to perform in this country. Every journey add a little something to our music melodies, we feel very much inspired by some Indian artists such as Ravi Shankar, Pakistani Ghazal singer Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, sitar maestro Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussain and percussionist Trilok Gurtu. All in all, India has a very rich cinema culture and that is simply amazing.
Favourite Indian actress ? Priyanka Chopra.

The band insisted on releasing the pressure as the students of Mahindra Ecole Centrale were to take their exam in one month.

BelTuner next concerts will be held in partnership with Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad at Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Delhi. Wish them luck.

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