Kothagudem:  The employment exchange here has become a mere ornamental with its activities being limited to registrations and renewal of registrations of the unemployed youth. In the last three years, it could provide placements to only 105 through its job melas.

While in 2014-15, it conducted two job melas, in 2015-16, it conducted four job melas and in 2016-17, it conducted five job melas benefiting 22, 29 and 54 persons, respectively. While there are over 18,763 unemployed registered at the Kothagudem employment exchange, the number is almost close to double with over 30,000 candidates at the Khammam employment exchange.

As far as government jobs are concerned, the unemployed respond to notifications and take the recruitment test and secure jobs. But when it comes to employment exchanges, they should arrange job melas in consultation with private sectors and small, medium and large scale units. There were no measures initiated in this direction so far. 

Barring 11 job melas in three years to place 105 unemployed, the employment exchange has done nothing better. An unemployed person from the district P Rama Krishna, speaking to The Hans India on Thursday, opined that the employment exchange should sensitise unemployed about the job melas.

District Employment Officer Veerabhadram quoting government orders said that mega job melas would be held on the basis of the undivided Khammam district and such plans were afoot for the unemployed.