Farm ponds help promote horticulture

Farm ponds help promote horticulture

The 40 per cent subsidy being given for digging farm ponds in Mahbubnagar district is greatly contributing to promotion of horticulture.

Mahbubnagar: The 40 per cent subsidy being given for digging farm ponds in Mahbubnagar district is greatly contributing to promotion of horticulture.

At present, the State government has allocated funds for digging 92 farm ponds in Mahbubnagar during 2017-18. As many as 32 farmers in Balanagar mandal and 20 farmers in Jadcherla mandals have got the major chunk of funds.

As most of the farmers in Mahbubnagar district are depending on borewells and due to lack of adequate groundwater these borewells cannot yield much water and the farmers are not able to fully take up either wet crops like paddy or semi-wet crops like horticulture. In view of this, the Horticulture Department conducted an awareness and training programme and motivated the farmers to take up digging of farm pond. “Farm ponds are very much useful for farmers who are willing to take up horticulture plantations like mango, guava, lemon, etc.

For this the government is sanctioning 40 per cent subsidy for the farmers and we have also motivated farmers who can afford to dig up the farm pond and many have come forward enthusiastically to dig form ponds and opting for horticulture crops,” said Deepa, an official from Horticulture Department.

Usually, the total cost of digging a 45/35-meter farm pond costs Rs 8.50 lakh, of this the government is providing 40 per cent subsidy and it comes around 3.40 lakh. However, the farmer has to bear the remaining cost of Rs 5.10 lakhs. “I have been encouraged by the Horticulture Department for digging farm pond.

As I am planning to go for horticulture crops like vegetables, mango and guava in my 10 acres of land, I have spent more than Rs 12 lakh for the construction of the pond. If the government provides the 40 per cent subsidy, definitely it will be a great help for us.

It is a long-term investment, I am expecting this will definitely help reap good income in the next 5-6 years,” said Amugoth Laxmi, a farmer from Shankarayapally village. Another farmer Hasmi in Jadcherla village said due to lack of water the mango plantation in his either acres land totally dried up.

However, after the Horticulture Department encouraged him to dig farm pond, he s now happily irrigating his plantation. “Farm pond once filled can be used for more than six months and it is very much useful for sowing semi- wet crops like vegetables and other horticulture crops which are irrigated through drip system.

Overall the horticulture department has helped the farmers in Mahbubnagar to overcome the water problems by encouraging them to construct farm ponds and helping them secure good returns.

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