Pragati Nevedana sabha is to misguide people: CPI
Pragati Nevedana sabha is to misguide people: CPI

Mahbubnagar: The CPI leaders in Mahbubngar have slammed the TRS government over its plans to organize the Pragati Nivedana Meet in Hyderabad, as an attempt to hoodwink and misguide the people of Telangana.

"TRS has miserably failed and has not even implemented a single promise made to the people during the past four years. What happened to the promise of KG-to-PG free education; what happened to their promise of providing double bedroom houses to each and every homeless family; what happened to their promise of providing 100- bed hospitals to every constituency, what happened to their promise of providing one government job to early family in the state? Not a single promises made by the TRS party has been implemented,” said Paramesh Goud, CPI district secretary Mahabubnagar. 

“By the name of Pragati Nevadana sabha, the TRS is once again trying to fool the public. In fact we consider it as not a pragati Nivedana meet but a pre-election meeting using the public money," he added.

The CPI leaders felt that when there is no development and progress in the livelihoods of the people and when lakhs of people are roaming on the roads jobless the irrigation projects both existing and new are still left incomplete, the Palamuru labourers have not stopped migrating to other cities for jobs and livelihood and the TRS government promise to provide 12 per cent reservation to the Muslims is not to be seen,  where is the point for the TRS government to go for a meeting to show progress, observed the CPI members while addressing the media about the government's move to organize a meeting to tell about its progress to the people. B. Balakishan, Town secretary CPI and district executive member, along with other members took part in the programme. 

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