The making of Bangaru Telangana

The making of Bangaru Telangana

It is proposed to provide drinking water through taps for every household accordingly the Mission Bhagiratha programme has been taken up

Mission Bhagiratha: It is proposed to provide drinking water through taps for every household accordingly the Mission Bhagiratha programme has been taken up. In rural areas, 24,248 human habitations, 52.47 lakhs households, in 65 urban areas 12.83 lakh households water will be supplied. In the purview of ORR seven urban local bodies, 183 rural areas habitations through this scheme water are being provided. Through this programme across the state in all human habitations, safe drinking water is provided on daily basis.

Double Bedroom Houses: To protect the self-respect of the poor in 560 square feet 2BHK houses were proposed to be constructed by the government. In phase one 2,72,000 houses are in progress.

Telangana Ku Haritha Haram: In order to increase the green cover in Telangana state to 33% Telangana Ku Haritaharam has been taken up. As on date, 82 crore plantations were made. From 2019 in a very village one nursery is proposed to be established and see that 100 crore saplings are planted are done annually.

Uninterrupted power supply: Across the state quality power is being supplied uninterruptedly for 24 hours. At the time of the formation of the state, the installed power capacity was 7778 MWs and it has now gone up to 16000 MWs. By achieving 28000 MW power generation capacity, Telangana will become a surplus state for which new power plants are underway.

Construction of roads: In the history 57 years of combined state totally 2527 KM s national highways were sanctioned whereas in just four years span 3155 KMs radius of 36 National High ways could be sanctioned. With this today in Telangana totally 5682 KMs of National Highways network could be achieved. At a cost of 16000 crores R&B, Panchayat Raj roads, bridges were developed. Thousands of kutcha roads were converted to BT roads. Single lane roads were transformed to double lane roads. Across the state, 1146 new bridges construction could be done.

Regional Ring road around Hyderabad: Outside the Outer Ring Road (ORR) boundaries in 330 KMs radius regional ring road (RRR) is proposed. Sangareddy- Gajwel-Choutuppal-Maal-Kadal-shadnagar-Chevelle-Kandi will be clubbed with 6 track roads. On the lines of International express highways, RRR will be constructed.

MLAs Offices: in every assembly constituency MLA office is being constructed.

Administrative Reforms: To bring administration closer to people we have introduced and implemented administrative reforms in the state. No where in the history in such a short period in a such a large scale reforms were taken up. For ease in the administration and for speeding up implantation of welfare programs and for more transparency, number of districts have been increased from 10 to 31. The number of Mandals increased from 459 to 584. Earlier there were only 68 municipalities and now we added another 68. In Telangana now we have 136 Municipalities and 6 Corporations. Earlier there were 8690 Village Panchayats and now we made them into 12751 by adding another 4383. Recently people all over state celebrated the formation of new Panchayats.

New Police Commissionerates: At the time of formation of Telangana there were only two police Commissionerates. Now it is increased to 9. The Police Sub-Divisions have been increased from 139 to 163 and the circle offices from 688 to 717. The police stations number is increased from 712 to 814.

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