Insect found in chocolates of Karachi bakery at Ameerpet
Insect found in chocolates of Karachi bakery at Ameerpet

Hyderabad: Worms have been identified in the chocolate sweets purchased from Karachi bakery of Ameerpet branch. The customer who found the insects shared the images on their Twitter handle following which the GHMC officials raided the shop on Tuesday.

The customer Deepak Pinto who purchased the sweets said that they noticed a white powdered substance of the top of a few sweets and identified worms wriggling out from the other adding that they are within the expiry date. 

Deepak who shared the news with his friend Donita Jose posted it on Twitter with the images. "Happy wormy Diwali from @KarachiBakery 
Found these worms in at least 4 chocolate pieces. They even move... Not sure how many batches are even impacted by this 😞@GHMCOnline," she tweeted.

Hours after the tweet went viral, the GHMC commissioner Hari Chandana replied to the tweet ordering an immediate probe on it. On Tuesday, the food safety officials raided the bakery and levied Rs 25,000 fine on it.

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