60 days for the completion of maintenance work at the Sirsi Circle flyover
60 days for the completion of maintenance work at the Sirsi Circle flyover

Bengaluru: The ongoing maintenance works on the Sirsi Circle flyover, is said to be lasting for 60 days.

On the 1st of January, the 2.4km flyover, which forms a link to the southwest Bengaluru to the CBD areas and beyond, was partially closed for traffic, after the work commenced. The BBMP officials had said that the the completion of the work will be taking up a period of 40 days, as per which the flyover will supposedly be opened for traffic around the 10th of February.

But as it had been admitted by the BBMP chief engineer (central) KT Nagaraj that the work shall not be completed in 40 days, and according to him, it was the deadline set by the traffic police.

“We as engineers know how the works go on. We can’t do a shoddy job. It’s a flyover work and it needs to be done properly. The milling of one side of the flyover has been completed and cleaning work is underway. Under any circumstances vehicles cannot be allowed on such a surface and hence one side of the flyover can be thrown open for public usage only after the asphalting is completed,” he added.

The BBMP officials have said that they wanted four months to complete the work, but have been granted only 40 days by the traffic police. Currently, one side of the carriageway is open for traffic and the vehicles that are bound to Kengeri and the Town Hall are being permitted to use it alternately.

“We can’t compromise on the quality of work. Traffic police have given us a deadline of 40 days to complete the task, but we need at least 55 to 60 days to complete the task,” Nagaraj said.

On Thursday night, the mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun had inspected the flyover work and directed to speed up the process.

Contractor M Nagesh has claimed that if everything goes as per the plan, then one side of the relaid flyover will be opened on the 25th of January. He also added that 80mm thickness of the existing asphalt has been scraped off the surface of the road.

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