Global AI Summit 2019 and Launch of FutureTech Magazine

Global AI Summit 2019 and Launch of FutureTech Magazine

AICRA presented Indias First Global Artificial Intelligence Summit The Summit was focused on real world scenarios to analyze the various ways AI may influence human lives and industries Pragmatic Approaches of using AI to the advantage of businesses and using it to foster growth with organizations and communities was the objectives of discussions held at the summit

New Delhi: AICRA presented India's First Global Artificial Intelligence Summit. The Summit was focused on real world scenarios to analyze the various ways AI may influence human lives and industries. Pragmatic Approaches of using AI to the advantage of businesses and using it to foster growth with organizations and communities was the objectives of discussions held at the summit.

The discussions of the summit were full of brain-storming sessions with all the stakeholders of the society being concerned with technological advancement and the effect which it is going to have on the human resources throughout the globe.

The discussion sessions are divided into following headers:

Inaugural session

The Summit was formally inaugurated in the presence of Hon’able Dr Manoj Kumar Pateriya, Dr Hasan Javed Khan, Dr. Chandra Mohan, Dr. CM Nautiyal and Prof. Pravat Mandal. The dignitaries present in the inaugural session were formally welcomed by the President of AICRA Mr Raj Kumar Sharma.

During the inaugural sessions the chief guest of the program Dr Manoj Kumar Pateriya said that it was his pleasure and honour to be the part of Global AI Summit 2019 and be the part of the launch of the FutureTech Magazine. India has taken steps to create appropriate ecosystem to inculcate scientific development happening anywhere. NITI Ayog has made a council and committee to deal with AI prospective and challenges. For all development we look towards foreign countries this should change. We should change environment and inculcate among students scientific innovative interest. We require robust kind of technology and methodology to do it.

Dr Chandra Mohan former scientist DST and Former Head NCSTC said that in the term of AI this summit is the strongest and biggest and most appropriate platform related to AI. Our country is going to become a super power. He said that he gives his best wishes for success of FutureTech Magazine launch and may it becomes a universal phenomenon and he said that he pledge to support the editorial team for the success of such science driven magazine.

Mr Raj Sharma, President AICRA welcomed all the dignitaries and participants of the Global AI Summit 2019. He also threw light on all the activities of AICRA and how AICRA will help in creating the appropriate ecosystem for adopting all future technology seamlessly and with appropriate readiness.

AICRA FutureTech Magazine launch

The popular magazine, first of its kind in the technology domain was thrown open to the public by Hon’able Dr Manoj Kumar Pateriya,Dr Hasan Javed Khan, Dr. Chandra Mohan, Dr. CM Nautiyal, Prof. Pravat Mandal, Mr Raj Sharma and Ms Alpana Saha.

During the summit there were 5 panel discussions and 3 keynote sessions. The various panels and sessions are as follows:

How AI will transform Education System?

In this session the experts discussed about what all changes the Education System needs to adopt and adjust the curriculum of the country with advancement in Artificial intelligence technology.

• The Advancements in Artificial Intelligence have made Science Fiction Stories Real.

• AI and Robots are about to Change All Aspects of Our Lives, Including our Education System.

• India tries to Respond to the Changes AI Brings to the Education Sector

Academia Partnership and Engagement Model

Academic partnership with the industrial sector is a must for all around development of the industrial and academic sector pool of the nation. Collaboration for Data Set Applied Research. Co-curriculum development and learning programs

Artificial Intelligence: How Knowledge is created, transferred and used-focus on India?

Here in this session, the preparedness of the nation on knowledge sharing and transfer of the same to the target experts was discussed.

The Evolving Role of AI in Business

• Applications of AI in Businesses

• AI revolution in Retail, Finance, Auto and Real Estate sector

The Next-Gen Video Intelligence Operating System

Here uses of AI in Audio-visual division and in the creative world get discussed in detail.

AI Startup Ecosystem in India

• Adoption and potential in India

• Current Challenges to AI Traction in India

• Venture Capital in AI Startups

• Strategic Recommendations for Success in Indian AI Ecosystem

AI Vision, Policy and Strategic Partnership with Govt. of India

• Challenges in Strategic Partnership with Industry

• Initiatives for AI integration in Higher Education

• Government Initiatives in Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Global AI Contribution Awards’19 Distribution

The categories under which the awards were distributed to the nominees of Global AI Contribution Awards’19 are as follows:


Best AI Startup Award

Start-up in field of AI that has performed exceptionally and set an example for others to follow

Best use of AI in Financial Services

Financial Service provider which has implemented AI in its processes to bring best results for Customers

Best use of AI in Healthcare

Healthcare providing ventures that have used AI to improve their services and transformed customer experience in doing so.

Best use of AI in Automation

Person or organization working in the field of Automation, which has revolutionized the industry by innovative use of AI are the nominees of this section of award.

Best use of AI in Insurance

Organization working in the field of Automation Insurance and has used AI in its computing and business Automation, in a way as to attain high arching business goals.

Best use of AI in Retail

Retail Sector companies that have used AI based techniques to automate business processes and have benefited significantly from those practices

Best use of AI in Education

Educational Institutions, which has used artificial intelligence to transform the learning experience.

Best use of AI in Robotics

Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Robots to make machines that are more efficient and deliver smarter results

Best Research Company in AI

Researchers working with the aid of AI to make better decisions and draw logically sound conclusions, which have set industry standards through their innovative practices.

Best use of AI in Gaming

Game makers who have implemented AI to design enriching gaming experiences

Best AI Publication Award

Publications which works on spreading information on AI and thereby fuels innovation


Best Incubator or Accelerator for AI

Innovation centers or Incubators that have worked to catalyze innovation in AI and produced tangible results

Best AI Research Lab Setup Award

Research Labs that have facilitated innovation and research in AI by providing state of the art labs and infrastructure

Most Emerging Institute as AI Education Provider

Educational Institution delivering quality education in AI and computing and produced future leaders and innovators

Most Emerging University in AI Education

University which has transformed and progressed exceptionally in the past one year, with regards to its work in AI education

Excellence and Innovation in AI Education

Institution that has harbored and nurtured education and innovation in AI, and produced change making innovators, who have done significant contribution to AI


Life time Achievement Award

Individuals who have contributed their lives and worked diligently in making Artificial Intelligence more intelligent

Best AI Application of the year

Application which has made the best use of AI or facilitated its most effective use by providing such a service

Best AI Company of the year

Company that has made most significant contribution to Artificial Intelligence

Special Achievement Award

Special Achievement in the field of AI that sets the organization/individual apart from the crowd

AI Education Entrepreneur of the year

Entrepreneur working to transform the AI education system in the country and contributed to the progress of India in Artificial Intelligence Technology

Best AI Contribution to Society

Groups or Individuals working with AI to bring about change in the society for making the lives of people better and happier than ever

The awardees under these categories are as follows:

Sr. No.

Award Name


AI Corporte Sector Award


Best AI startup Award

Grainpad Pvt. Ltd.


Best Use of AI in Financial Services

Pactera Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.


Best use of AI in Healthcare

Jetbrain Robotics Pvt Ltd


Best Use of AI in Automation



Best Use of AI in Retail

Intelligence Node


Best Use of AI in Education

Individual Learning Pvt Ltd


Best Use of AI in Robotics

Sahajanand Technologies Pvt Ltd


Best Research Company in AI

RoboTech Pvt Ltd


Best AI Publication Award



Best AI Research Lab setup Award

Next Generation Robotics & AI Lab


Most Emerging Institute as AI Education Provider

Jazari Institute of AI


Excellence and Innovation in AI Education

Times Institute of Management & Technical Studies


Best AI application of the year

Intelligence Node


Best AI Company of the year



Special Achievement Award

Pectera Tech Int. Ltd.


Life Time Achievement Award

Dr. Pravat Mandal


Best AI Contribution to society

Kindkonnect technologies


Best Use of AI in Industrial Projects

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd.

Valedictory Session

The Summit concluded with note by dignitaries. The Chief Guest of the valedictory session was Dr Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary Department of Science and Technology. He expressed that we the citizen of India should be very judicious and realistic while framing the policies and implementation activates related to all future technology adoption in the country. There will be various kind of positive impacts such summit and meet can bring in creating awareness and sensitization of the masses on the technologies and challenges related to AI.

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