Live Updates: Telangana Vote-On-Account Budget 2019-20

Live Updates: Telangana Vote-On-Account Budget 2019-20

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will present the vote on account budget in the state assembly around 11 30 am today

{"content":"<p>Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will present the vote-on-account budget in the state assembly around 11.30 am today.<-/p>-r-n-r-n<p>The budget was approved by the cabinet which held a meeting on Thursday. The cabinet also approved the supplementary demands of grant for the financial year. According to sources, the chief minister will present 2 lakh crore budget of which 25,000 crore will be allocated to irrigation sector, 40,000 crore for welfare schemes such as Kalyana Lakshmi, Shadi Mubarak, pensions and welfare schemes for SC, ST and BCs.<-/p>-r-n-r-n<p>Meanwhile, the Minister for Health and Family Welfare Etela Rajendar will present the budget in the council.<-/p>-r-n-r-n<p><iframe allow=--"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture--" allowfullscreen=--"--" frameborder=--"0--" height=--"409--" src=--"https:-/-/www.youtube.com-/embed-/ES5GH8KLxAg--" width=--"727--"><-/iframe><-/p>-r-n","new_content":[{"time":"2019-02-22 12:05:20","content":"<p>Telangana Assembly on Friday condemned the terrorist attack on the CRPF personnel in Pulawama in Jammu and Kashmir and proposed to give Rs 25 lakh to each of the family of the martyrs.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:05:30","content":"<p>Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao moved government resolution in the House. Chandrashekar Rao said that it was an inhumane attack and it was not only attack on the army but on the entire country. People expressed anguish over the attack unfortunately 40 members had to lose their lives for the security of the country<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:06:40","content":"<p>Rao said that there was a need to send a message that the army men were not alone, entire country is with them. Family members of army jawans should be taken care of. Each family of the martyr will get Rs 25 lakh, he said<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:07:10","content":"<p>KCR expressed condolence to the family members of the Jawans<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:10:10","content":"<p>Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy announces panel of speakers for the budget session. The panel of Speakers include Redya Naik,  Hanumanth shinde, Mumtaz Ahmed Khan and Sabita Indra Reddy.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:10:20","content":"<p>Both Houses paid tributes to Army Jawans martyred in Pulwama<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:15:30","content":"<p>Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao presents Vote-on-Account budget in the Assembly.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:16:03","content":"<p>Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao said that it’s a wonder that Telangana, the 29th state is inspiration to the country with its schemes. There were many issues like power crisis, agriculture, unconstructed irrigation projects etc. People have supported the government. Many victories have been achieved. Telangana created history by achieving more success in a short period. Solving the problems one after the other and ensured farmers are problems free. Earlier, there were talks about Gujarat and Kerala on development but now the talk is Telangana model.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:20:22","content":"<p>Before Telangana was formed the growth rate was 4. 5 per cent<br -/>-r-nAfter formation of Telangana 10.6 per cent<br -/>-r-n2017-18 12 per cent.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:20:58","content":"<p>Growth was because of the financial support to the farmers. For the year 2019-20 growth rate would be 15 per cent<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:25:30","content":"<p>The schemes are filling happiness in the lives of the people. People are saying KCR is their elder son.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:25:10","content":"<p>Pensions are increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 2016<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:27:42","content":"<p>Allocations <br -/>-r-nKalyana Lakshmi- Rs 1,450 Crore <br -/>-r-nAllowances for unemployed Rs 1,810 Crore <br -/>-r-nFor SC progress 16,581 Crore<br -/>-r-nFor STs 9,825 Crore<br -/>-r-nMinority Development Rs 2,400 Crore<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:30:10","content":"<p>Rythu Bandhu Rythu Beema filled in confidence among the farmers<br -/>-r-nFood processing units would be formed.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:30:50","content":"<p>Loans till 2018 December to the tune of Rs 1 lakh will be waived off<br -/>-r-nAllocation for Loan waiver Rs 6,000 Crore<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:35:10","content":"<p>Rythu Bandhu financial assistance is increased from Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 per acre and for two crops it would be Rs 10000 per acre<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:36:10","content":"<p>Allocation for Rythu Bandhu scheme- Rs 12000 Crore<br -/>-r-nRythu Beema Rs 283 Crore<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:36:55","content":"<p>For Agriculture Rs 20,107 Crore<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:37:40","content":"<p>Central Water Resources Commission and Finance Commission have appreciated the government for the speed of irrigation projects.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:40:30","content":"<p>For irrigation department Rs 22,500 Crore<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:40:40","content":"<p>Government provided support to the Yadavs and gave them sheep, fish seedlings to the fishermen community and also to the other castes.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:41:50","content":"<p>For MBCs Rs 1000 Crore<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:45:10","content":"<p>Because of the efforts of the government the power generation has reached to 16503 MW from 7770 MWs before the government took over.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:45:30","content":"<p>Mission Bhagiratha 19750 households are provided taps. In the remaining, the works are going on and by end of April  100 per cent works would be completed.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:45:50","content":"<p>Till now 272763 houses in different stages of construction. Now new scheme of providing financial assistance to the people wanting to construct houses on their vacant lands.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:47:54","content":"<p>340 km new outer Ring Road would be started.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:50:20","content":"<p>119 new residential schools for BCs. For SC and ST students 51 Degree colleges.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:50:50","content":"<p>Four buying medicines in hospitals government is spending Rs 440 Crore and started dialysis centers in 40 hospitals. Increased ICU centers in district hospitals. Telangana is one among the three states where the health system is better.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:51:59","content":"<p>1.50 Crore tests done under Kanti Velugu and gave glasses to 50 lakh patients<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:52:23","content":"<p>For Medical and Health Rs 5536 Crore allocated<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:52:34","content":"<p>68 new municipalities formed taking the tally to 136 municipalities and six corporations<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:55:50","content":"<p>converted 1,177 Tandas converted to Gram Panchayats<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:58:55","content":"<p>Government preparing master plans for other towns in the State apart from Hyderabad.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:59:23","content":"<p>Industries- 8419 new industries were given permission  and this would generate employment of 8.58 Lakh<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:59:33","content":"<p>IT Exports reched Rs 1 lakh crore this year<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 12:59:53","content":"<p>Police Command and Control center would be started soon in Hyderabad.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 13:05:10","content":"<p>GSDP growth rate increased to Rs 10.4 per cent from 4.2 per cent<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 13:05:10","content":"<p>Since Centre presented Vote on account. there is no clarity on the future policies of the Centre hence the state government also has gone for vote on account budget. After the elections and Centre's budget, state government would be presenting the budget.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 13:05:30","content":"<p>Finance account 2017-18 Expenditure Rs 143133 crore, Revenue receipts Rs 88824 Crore. Revenue records Expenditure Rs 88824 Crore and income Rs 85365 Crore.<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 13:06:53","content":"<p>fiscal deficit Rs 27749 crore which is 2.81 per cent of GSDP<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2019-02-22 13:10:00","content":"<p>CM ends his speech by saying 'Jai Hind, Jai Telangana'<-/p>-r-n"}]}
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