Budpest is most welcoming European city

Budpest is most welcoming European city

Budpest Is Most Welcoming European City. Paris Rated The Most Welcoming City For Couples And Madrid For Solo Travelers.

Washington: Budapest named the most welcoming city by an apartment -rental website in a latest survey.HouseTrip.com which has crunched the numbers on 130,000 of its users' European city reviews named the city for its five-star rating across the seasons for its all-round cheeriness, CNN reported .
Budpest Is Most Welcoming European City

Lisbon rated the second best followed by amsterdam on the list for the quality of its welcome overall.Paris considered the most convivial city in spring, Rome in summer, Amsterdam in autumn and Berlin in deepest winter.

In other results, Paris rated the most welcoming city for couples and Madrid for solo travelers.Lisbon, the best place to travel with a pet.

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