Exam stress - measures for mental alert

Exam stress - measures for mental alert

Exam stress - measures for mental alert, This is the time for tension, anxiety and worry; exams sure take a toll on those who are subjected to it.

This is the time for tension, anxiety and worry; exams sure take a toll on those who are subjected to it.

The ending of the academic year sees a spree of preparations to pass out and move on to the next level of learning. But given the amounts of mental pressure, are we prepping the young ones in the
right direction?

It is very vital to keep a balanced mind while preparing for exams. Here are few tips that really could ease the mind and prepare better. Take a look:

1. Take regular breaks – Sure, there are volumes of chapters to be gulped up into the brain,

but the study overdose brings a downfall than any real benefit. Spacing out the chapters and

taking small breaks really helps during the preparations. After all, the mind needs spaces to

apply better. We are not going to a war!

2. Meditate – This is a time tested method to tame the mind. Daily meditation in the morning

not only helps focus, but also calms down the anxiety levels. Shut everything out and

meditate in the natural surroundings; see the difference in the preparation that follows.

3. Breathing – The breathing exercises are not just for relaxation and fitness. They are

extremely useful to revitalise the body senses. Daily practice of Pranayama helps immensely

in channelizing the mental energies in the right pattern.

4. Be cheerful – Being light minded and happy always helps better the performance. The angry

outbursts following huge preparations only weaken the body, not to forget even the overall

goal to pass. Try to share some light moments with friends in the evening while it allows.

5. Power naps – Yes, feeling sleepy is a natural phenomenon to some that happens during the

exam preparations, but taking power naps always replenishes the lost energy levels. Taking

short naps in between the studies makes way for increased concentration and energy.
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