Wait.....Before you ask someone’s weight.

Wait.....Before you ask someone’s weight.

Wait.....Before you ask someone’s weight. This is the post which is for people who are more concerned in checking out opposite person’s body weight. I would like to spread awareness and inject little bit of science.

This is the post which is for people who are more concerned in checking out opposite person’s body weight. I would like to spread awareness and inject little bit of science.

Let me tell you the person who is on the slimmer side (I don’t want to call them thin) is not his or her choice. Everything cannot boil down to that one matter – EATING HABITS.

1) It is not ME, blame ME-TABOLISM

You know about that strange thing called Metabolism. It is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. In the people who are on the slimmer side, this process happens fast and it is very active. In this process, they burn their calories and tend to be as they are and not gain weight.

2) My appetite is not tight

Whoever thinks that the person on the slimmer side doesn’t eat, please give it a thought. They eat enough. Instead their appetite is absolutely normal and functions par to the one who is on the healthier side. They never starve. While they eat in smaller proportions, they tend to munch something or the other between time intervals. Hence when you meet such person next time, don’t shout at them to have more or accuse them by saying that they do not have anything or adequate food. They do eat and also adequately.

3) It is because of you (ma and pa or any kith and kin )

Why doesn’t someone go back to science and learn something. We have learnt about genetics and how one trait is passed on to their offspring. This is called inheritance of traits which is linked to genes. If a person’s mother and father are not on the healthier side, how on earth the child can develop the super power and grow fat. Please for god’s sake spare a thought. Do not just follow the crowd and give your unwanted opinion when someone is already accusing someone for being on the slimmer side. It is absolutely not their fault. Their physical pattern is tuned as per their parents or any of their kith and kin from the parent’s side.

4) I Am 100% active and normal

This is the thing which irks me to the core. We are not super humans or almighty to be absolutely active and normal all the time. If the person is on the slimmer side, everyone acts like a doctor or a medical practitioner. They want to suggest their remedies and try their experiments on that person. The person is absolutely normal and perfect. What bothers them are YOU so stop acting smart. Before asking the person this question about being active or if he or she is suffering malnutrition, ask yourself the question whether you are being active and healthy all the time.

5) You stir my anger with Steroids

This one stirs me to that limit that my eyeballs will come out in anger and rage. The last thing the person on the slimmer side needs is steroids. Have you ever thought of the after effects of those dangerous chemical. If you don’t know how science acts, please get your facts correct and talk to the person. Steroids are the harmful chemical which turns your body upside down. It can lead to dangerous consequences so beware when someone suggests you this. Tell them that you love yourself and don’t want to change for anyone.

Things which only person on the slimmer side can enjoy:

Don’t worry about others. The strange thing about others is they are extremely jealous of you. You being on the slimmer side is what irks them. You don’t have to go for walk in the morning. You will get extra sleep. You will get to munch more cookies and ice creams. Cheese will find a lovable connection with you. You can easily walk up and down the stairs. You can try different patterns of clothes on you.

Live, love and laugh. Life is about that. Stop feeling bad about yourself. Do not think too much about people’s behaviour. And last but not least, no matter how healthy or thin you look, YOU are BEAUTIFUL.

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