Art for a Cause

Art for a Cause

Gallery Space presents an exhibition of 50 artists titled \'Art For Cause\' to help Hudhud victims

Gallery Space presents an exhibition of 50 artists titled 'Art For Cause' to help Hudhud victims

To support the victims of cyclone Hudhud, a destructive, high intensity storm that devastated many areas of coastal Andhra Pradesh, causing damages estimated around $ 11 billion, eminent Hyderabadi artists came together to host an art expo, the proceeds from which would go the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

Hanumantha Rao of Gallery Space said, “We felt we had to do something. I contacted artists I knew and they agreed to part with one or two of their paintings. The proceeds from the sales will go to the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.”

Firstly, Rajeswara Rao’s painting titled 'Rani Chandramukhi' dealt with newly acquired wealth of ordinary people during the real estate boom a few years back.

“The overnight riches and the changing psyche of the people intrigued me so much that a series of paintings on it was inevitable. Here you see one such farmer's wife, feeling like no less than a queen satisfying her ego and needs with all that money can buy,” explained Rao.

“The painting however has nothing to do with the show. I gave it for raising funds and I am glad that I could be a part of this show. The show is testimony to the fact that art and artists are universal and can raise above petty levels of thinking and politics. I firmly believe that art and society are interlinked and inseparable,” added Rao.

B Bhaskara Rao, whose work is famous for his landscapes, said, “As citizens it’s our duty to help each other. We heard that celebrities were coming forward to donate huge sums. So in a span of five days we decided to put up an exhibition that would not be for a commercial purpose. I painted this landscape after the Hudhud incident. My painting will show you a destroyed landscape. As artists we can respond through our canvas. More than 12 paintings have already been sold.”

Upcoming artist Deepika Rangaraju also took part in the expo.

“Painting is my passion. My inspiration is my dad and other people around me. Panting helps me in expressing myself. The reason of participating is to help the generous cause Hanumanth Rao has done for the people suffering from Hudhud calamity. I hope my small gesture helps in a little but for the cause,” said Deepika.

Shankar Pamarthy’s work featured a cartooned Gandhi; Akbar Mohammad’s art depicted wild animals and people. While Fawad’s large canvas captured the Charminar, Laxman Aelay’s paintings depicted an old man and woman in folk attire.

Both Laxman and Fawad’s daughters seemed to be following their father’s footsteps. Priyanka Aelay’s pen and ink work had some fascinating depictions of animals and humans; her other canvas had faces of different kinds. Afza Tamkanat’s sketch showed young urban women talking and having fun.

K Laxma Goud, Thota Vaikuntam, Sisir Sahana, Sachin Jaltatre, Sanjay Ashtaputre, Srikanth Kurva, Sayam Barath Yadav, Priti Samyukta, Nirmala Biluka, Akbar Mohammad, Shankar Pamarthy, Saraswathi L, Ramesh Gorjala, Srinivas Tingeerkar, Appam Raghava, Shiva Gadiga, Bolgum Nagesh Goud, Gunda Anjaneyulu, Gurram Mallesham, Jaya Prakash, Kandi Narsimlu, Kishan Duriseti, Kumaraswamy, Mahesh Pottabathini, Masuram Ravikanth, Mohammad Osman, Murali Trigulla, S Kantha Reddy, Vijay Belde, Agacharya Paloji, Ahobilam Prabhakar, Akshay Anand Singh, Srinivasachari, Shravan Kumar, Srinivas Potelu, Shivaramachary and Srinivas Reddy contributed sculptures and paintings to the exhibition.

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