Truth about female ejaculation revealed

Truth about female ejaculation revealed

Truth About Female Ejaculation Revealed. A new study has recently suggested that there\'s a chance that the fluid squirted during female ejaculation could just be \"pee.\"

London: A new study has recently suggested that there's a chance that the fluid squirted during female ejaculation could just be "pee."

Females are capable of ejaculation, however, the phenomena has been written about from as early as 4 Century China, where the liquids excreted during orgasm were believed to be imbued with mystical and healthful properties, the Independent reported.

The researchers administered pelvic ultrasound scans to seven women who had previously experienced the seemingly-but-definitely-not-mythical sensation of female ejaculation both just after they urinated, and then twice again during sexual stimulation - and the results suggested that the liquid was actually pee.

It seems that larger volume fluid emissions, or squirting, are for the most part urine. However, there does appear to be evidence that a smaller volume of fluid was actually female prostate secretion due to mechanical stimulation of the G-spot.

Whether this constitutes "true" female ejaculation remains to be seen as most previous studies include all ranges of fluid emission. Further, it was unknown conclusively whether these two forms of excretion are mutually exclusive, or whether there is some overlap as suggested by the presence of PSA in the urine of women in this study. Likely, women who are capable of ejaculation naturally vary in the amount of fluid they excrete.

The implications for personal and sexual health are also unclear. An international survey of women who were capable of ejaculating found that four of five reported that squirting was enriching to their sexual lives. However, this included any volume of fluid emission.

Squirting generally results from a combination of stimulation of the G-spot, relaxation and a comfortable emotional state and can occur without any larger implications of disease, and may be an indicator of a healthy sexual relationship.

The only clear conclusion that the researchers draw from this latest study was a recommendation to urinate frequently before and during sexual activity if squirting presents a problem.

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