Power of social media
Power of social media

This incident inspires and truly restores our faith in humanity. 

A lady named Vidya saw an old woman near the Thampanoor railway station who was eating something from the shrubs to appease her hunger.

The lady brought food from a nearby tea-stall and gave it to the old woman, and as she was eating, asked her questions, who was she and what was she doing here? 

The answers shocked her. The old woman was Vatsa and she used to be a maths teacher in a Public School in Malappuram.

Vidya posted the old woman's photo on facebook.

Many students of the Public School saw the post and replied that they would be immediately travelling to Trivandrum to bring their teacher to Malappuram and take good care of her. A trainload of her old students descended on Trivandrum Railway station on the next day and they took their old teacher back with them. This is the power of social media. Use them for good cause not for spreading anti social elements