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A little bit of care and nurturing is all that it takes to have glowing skin this New Years! Let's read on to know the tricks of the trade.

Here are the quick tips: 

Rub tomato on the apple of your cheeks for instant glow 

Use oats soaked in Lukewarm water as a natural scrubber 

Moisturise your skin after sprinkling some water on it 

Avoid frequent use of face wash or soap, as this leads to dryness 

Drink lots of water and avoid heaters, instead use oil based warmers.

Diet calls 

Beauty is inside out; so please remember what you eat will lead to true radiance. Green vegetables, all coloured vegetable fruits, and lentils daily, besides drinking four to five liters of water daily, which helps in flushing away toxins and also circulating good vitamins in the body.