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Regardless of your purpose losing weight, wanting flawless skin, healthy digestion, etc one of the best remedies for getting rid of harmful toxins in the body is drinking infused water. Drinking this will not only keep you hydrated but also provide additional benefits, depending on what ingredient you have infused it with. And guess what? It is totally fussing free when it comes to efforts. 

Apple cinnamon water 

Again, apple and cinnamon boost metabolism, so combining them can give double the results. Apples are also rich in Vitamins B and C, contain antioxidants, reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases while cinnamon lowers cholesterol and fights diabetes.

How to make it - 

Take a 1/4th apple and two long cinnamon stick. Put them into one liter of water and let it rest for some time. It is advisable to soak the cinnamon in water overnight and apple only 20 minutes before drinking 

Mango and ginger water 

Both mango and ginger are extremely good for boosting metabolism. Additionally ginger helps in. Posting your memory, relieving your pain, and better digestion.

How to make it -

Take a bowl of diced mango and an inch of ginger. Mix both of the ingredients into a liter of water and let it stay for one to three hours.

Rose petal and fennel seed water 

Take a handful of rose petals and two teaspoons of fennel seeds. Mix it into a liter of water and it stays for four hours before drinking it.

Cucumber and ginger water -

You will need a medium-sized cucumber and s piece of half inch ginger, peel and slice it into pieces and add it to a litre of water let the water stay for two hours and drink it.