Instagram accounts that spark more inspiration than business
Instagram accounts that spark more inspiration than business

Instagram holds a few thousand gems scattered amongst the millions of accounts it hosts. These gems have gone beyond the ordinary and have made use of this online platform to create a niche for themselves. 

We bring to you a list of some of the best Indian bloggers on Instagram, from across categories like fashion, food, beauty, decor and everything luxe. These are accounts who deserve for everyone to know, love, and follow them.

Naapa Dori

Luxury Old-Fashioned Leather Goods

Known for its brightly coloured trunks and old-fashioned leather accessories, Naapa Dori - the brainchild of Gautam Sinha - has become quite the rage. Even though they stock a limited variety, their products have a distinct style that is rapidly growing popular. No wonder Naapa Dori has followers from across the world! Super-sexy leather goods seem to be Gautam’s forte.

Missa More 

Your Daily Dose of #OOTD

The consistently organized and put-together layout of this account grabs eyeballs. It features style statements to suit every woman's taste. There are pictures of complete head-to-toe outfit ideas for almost every occasion. Don’t forget to follow it!

Suhani Pittie

Stunning Jewellery Designer

This is a must-follow Instagram account for all the gossip on jewellery, trends, advice, and Bollywood fashion. Run by Indian jewellery designer Suhani, there are posts about many of her jewelry designs, ranging from casual to classy and from bohemian to svelte. The account also includes links on where you can purchase the fashionable items pictured, with discount codes as well.

Natasha Noel 

Inspirational Yoga Instructor

If this account doesn't inspire you to get fit, we don't know what will. This Mumbai-based yoga teacher and lifestyle blogger is inspiring thousands with her inspirational Yogasanas, short videos, acrobatic feats, and post-work-out pictures. You have got to follow her if you're looking for the motivation to work out!

India Circus 

Your Cup of Fun and Quirky Indian Prints

Krsha Mehta’s feed is a fantastical blast of Indian interiors and delightful prints, including Ikats, paisleys, and peacocks. With an all-Indian palette, India Circus is a unique and quirky label. If you love his design philosophy, you will definitely love his Instagram account.

By Nisha Khan