Rajasthan is one of the most famous states and it has received the majority of the fame for witnessing the glorious past and being an adobe of many rulers. No wonder that the state enjoys the epithet of “The princely state of India,” and to justify being worthy of the title, there are countless palaces, castles, lakes, historical monuments, and what not. Rajasthan, as a state, has all that makes it ideal for tourists to take a tour. Everything about Rajasthan, right from the beautiful monuments that tell the tales of different dynasties to nature’ wonders, food and unique drinks, shopping lanes and malls add on the reason for having a tour here. One can only explore the best of the state by booking Rajasthan tours from a trusted website or agent.

Today, however, we are not focussing on the glorious past of the state or some of the famous cities or palaces. Instead, we are moving adverse and discussing below some of the lesser known places in Rajasthan that tourists hardly know but must pay a visit.


Though falling between two most famous cities of Rajasthan, Udaipur, and Jaipur, Bundi stays a lesser-known destination. Bundi serves the capital city of the Rajputs reign; and is known to have enjoyed freedom even when the entire country was under the British rule. The small and comparatively lesser-known city of Rajasthan boasts of the preserved handmade monuments. There is a palace that follows an exemplary architecture, painting mainly consisting of blue hue, and a step well that is 50 in numbers. The elaboration of the beauty cannot be justified in words and you will have to take a day out to explore the unmatched beauty it has preserved.


 Mahansar is again a small town that is located in Shekhawato. The town was established back in the year 1768 and is famous for housing great paintings and artwork. The most famous place in the small city is “Sone Chand ki Dukan,” that is in the existence since the 18th century. Well, don’t be confused as it is a name of the haveli. The walls of the haveli are covered with paintings that are hard to find elsewhere with complex yet gorgeous golden leaves woven along.  Apart from the haveli, do visit Dancing Halls and Raghunath Temple.


Kuchaman, the historical city hold an important part in the state of Rajasthan. It is located 100 km from Pushkar and is famous for housing a fort that takes the architectural beauty to some another level. However, the fort has now been converted into a heritage hotel. The surrounding landscapes of the fort are impressive as well with sky colured in perfect blue and being a city less polluted, one can get the best view of the sky. The fort features a collection of original piece work made of expensive stones, gold paint, and glass. Other must-visit attractions include Sheesh Mahal and Meer Mahal. Meera Mahal is a famous spot for presenting the lifestyle of Meerabai.

These three places of Rajasthan are comparatively lesser known but deserve every bit of fame other cities do.

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