Emotional impacts of dealing with fertility problems

Emotional impacts of dealing with fertility problems

With the changing lifestyle and routine of people, it is very common these days for people to have problems with fertility

With the changing lifestyle and routine of people, it is very common these days for people to have problems with fertility. Both men and women can have issues related to fertility which can be very stressful and hinder with daily functioning of people.

Infertility risks increases with individual's age and the more one gets older, more the risks of being infertile.

Couples planning for a baby for over a year may have some issues with their fertility, and as mentioned earlier, both men and women can have such issues. It is important to understand that along with the stress of not being able to conceive, there are various emotional impacts that people can have individually as a person, or collectively as a couple or family.

One aspect can be the “blame game”, either self-blame or being blamed. Individuals going through fertility treatment often get blamed by spouse, family or the society for being impure or as the one who brings bad luck to everyone and create unwanted rumors which cause marked distress to individuals. At such situations, all people need is a little understanding and support from spouse, family and the society. Come on, it’s hard for them too!

The other part of blaming is self-blame, where individuals attribute this condition to something that they might have done in the past and keep feeling miserable about it. A lot of self- doubt may arise and the individual’s self esteem can drop down drastically. The worst case scenario of self- blaming is that the individual can become depressed and may take harsh steps like suicide or may indulge themselves in using substances like drugs, cigarette, and alcohol and so on.

Again, what we can do to ease u their fertility treatment process is being empathetic with them and showing them our love, care and a lot of support.

The state of Maharashtra is opening up their hearts and well receiving and treating people with fertility issues and here, we are going to talk about two major cities in Maharashtra that provide such services- yes, Mumbai and Pune. Mumbai is one of the fastest growing and developing metropolitan cities in India and Pune is one of the growing educational and technology departments.

You can find one of the best fertility doctors in Pune to get help with fertility related issues and as mentioned above, Mumbai being one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities has many well trained and experienced doctors who will be available across all the leading IVF Center in Mumbai.

Undergoing treatment for fertility relates issues requires a lot of patience and can cause tremendous emotional stress on individuals and their family. It is recommended that if you have fertility related issues, you seek medical help along with psychological help from counselors who can help you and your spouse & family cope up better with the emotional journey, which would enhance your wellbeing and mental health.

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