7 Tips to fuel your workout with a right strategy to be a better athelethe

7  Tips to fuel your workout with a right strategy to be a better athelethe

Nutrition pros break down the guidelines for preand post workout eating, so you can maximize the benefits of your sweat session

Nutrition pros break down the guidelines for pre-and post workout eating, so you can maximize the benefits of your sweat session.

one fails to take proper nutrition pre and post workout. It usually happens with everyone when it comes to fueling your workout. But the right nutrition can be your secert strategy to beign a better athelete.

consuming the right nutrients before your workout ensures your body has whar it needs to work hard, and eating right food afterward aids recovery. The catch is, there is no one size fitrs all plan. the reason things like body weight and workout intensity play major factors. so you're going to have to experiment.

BEFORE: Go ahead, have some carbs
All those no carb diets? not so great for working out. carbs are the most efficient fuel source because they break down quickly into smaller sugars that can be used as energy. if you consume a lot of protein your body will prioritize the exercise, which means blood flows away from the digestive system.

initially u want a small carb focused meal. think like 300-500 calories two to three hours prior to the workout.

Before you go for a run or head to the gym, limit the quantity or steer clear of anything high in fat. fat slows down digestion, which means it will slow down the conversion of food to usable energy.

If you are taking an intense class like indoor cycling or a hardcore boot camp, you really dont want much inn your stomach at all the goal should to eat a light, easily digested meal two hours begforehand. chowing down any closer to the start could cause things like heartburn and stomach pain and discomfort.

Within 30 minutes of wrapping up your workout, get some food in your belly. thats when the body will be able to use it most effecticiently. Most cardio based workouts, recommend for a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein. go for something like a smoothie or a low fat chocolate milk.

When you lift, you break down muscle fibres, in order to repair and build those muscles back up, you have to feed them with protein. and you'll still want some carbs to boost them with protein. And you'll still want some carbs to boost energy. A protein shake with a fruit are solid choices.

Giving yourself free rein to house an entire pepperoni pizza just because you ran a few miles isn't exactly the smartest choice. To put things in perspective, consider this: average, a three mile run burns about 300 calories. thats also about how many calories are in a single slice of pizza. And with the pizza, you're not getting as much protein and other nutrients as your body needs after that run. that is not to say you should never treat yourself, just be mindful of when and how often you do.

As for fluids, we've got some pointers that will help you get exactly what you need in terms of hydration. About an hour before working out , drink 8 ounces of water to help ensure you're tarting off hydrated. if it's really hot during your workout or its too intensity, you should add a low calorie electrolyte tablet to your water pre workout and also drink during your workout. This will help you maintain adequate hydration and replace what you lose through sweat.

And dont forget to rehhdryate post workout. Aim for 6-8 ounces; more if you tend to sweat heavily.

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