The O-Shot: The new trend is in Women spending 1000's of $'s to inject blood into Vaginas to boost orgasms

The O-Shot: The new trend is in Women spending 1000

We all of us have heard about the vamprire facials which had become quite popular all over the world sometime back in which ones own blood is injected into the face but you may not have heard of the OShot

We all of us have heard about the vamprire facials which had become quite popular all over the world sometime back- in which one's own blood is injected into the face -but you may not have heard of the O-Shot. it's like the Vampire facial, but for your vagina. The nonsurgical treatment involves a woman's own blood - or platelet -rich plasma- which is being taken from her arm and injected into the clitoris and vagina, creating a blood clot a haematoma, which some private clinics say enhances sensitivity and subsequently organsm.

United States comes first in the World whenit comes to cosmetic procedures aimed at our vaginas, so it's no surprise that the O- shot was born there. Dr charles Runels has created the vampire faceflit, which is now available all over the world usually at of over $1000. The US has already given us vaginal rejevenuation and labia fillers, potentially danjerous cosmetic treatments aimed ar women's genitalia and there's evidence that the O- shot which doctors and women's health experts have warned carries serious risks- is also gainig traction among women in the UK.

The number of treatments of O- Shots in the world are increasingly rapidly since 2015 , doubled from just five to about 10 per year between 2016 and 2018. says doctors at Essex private hospital.

THE O-SHOT IS AN UNTESTED AND DUBIOUS PROCEDURE, I'D URGE WOMEN TO STEER WELL CLEAR ABOUT THIS BEFORE GOING FOR THE SHOT.- but the interest in this procedure would likely increase further in the near future, given the growing popularity of other nonsurgical cosmetic procedures (such as fillers and Botox).

There are serious side affects with this procedure of autologous( the collection of reinfusion of the patient's own red blood cells)blood injections such as this, particularly into a very sensitive area such as the genital region, where there is a high denisty of blood vessels and nerve fibres which could potentially be traumatised or damaged.

This O-Shot could result in severe bleeding and bruising, as well as infection not only this but also severe consequences, and the risk of nerve damage which could cause long term problems with vaginal pain, including pain with intercourse.

Some believe that introducing blood clots or haematoma into the area, which the O shot does, risks making it less sensitive- the opposite of what the treatment purports to do. If you inject blood into anything with a very good blood and nerve supplu, there's risk of it causing damage.

The procedure is effectively giving you a blood clot which are often caused by a trauma ,such as childbirth or a saddle bar imjury. women with blood clots in this area often complain of increased pain or reduced sensation. Blood clots do not increase sexual satisfaction. Many of my time is spent with women saying they think they've got issues because of blood clots, rather than with women thinking about curing somethinf with blood clots.

People with sexual dysfunction are very vulnerable to quick fix procedures that claim to fix the problem, and that there are a lot of people making a lot of money out of them. Anyone with sexual issues should contact professionals affiliated with the Insititute of Pyschosexual Medicine or the college of Sexual and Relationship Therapist.

There are also products available in the market that may be of genuine merit to people in that situation. like Durex Orgasmic Gel it is less effective, but this is much better than the clitorial injection.

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