Kickstart Your Love Life with LoveSync

Kickstart Your Love Life with LoveSync

Millennials have ended many things cable TV, golf, McDonalds, and now, apparently healthy sexual relationships

Millennials have ended many things: cable TV, golf, McDonald’s, and now, apparently healthy sexual relationships.

Currently, a new gadget is being Kick-started called “LoveSync” which is the Amazon Dash button for horny men and women who are not comfortable telling their partner they like to have sex. Instead of leaning over and verbally asking your partner, the LoveSync button does it for you.

Basically, there are two buttons — one for you another for your partner. If you’re feeling horny, you just need to tap your button, which sends a signal to your partner’s button, asking if they also like to have sex. Your partner will also have two options: can either tap the button back letting you know about they’re ready for it or else can hold the button for four seconds, letting you know they’re not up to it as of now.

The button may sound like a flawless way to start a heavy night of passion, especially when you don’t want to talk to your partner beforehand for whatever reason, but there are also few problems with the button.

The page reads, “When you’re feeling like you could be gettin’ down for some action, you anonymously tap your button” “Your desire will be stored for a set time period. No risk of rejection here, no pressure on your partner — nothing happens if only one of you tap.”

According to LoveSync, apparently the new frontrunner for sex therapists of the year, here are the conditions in which it is okay to have sex with your partner:

 If you push a button and they push a button
 If you push a button and they do not cancel your request
 If your partner is actually the one to hit the button and not the pet, a toddler or something falling off a shelf

Seems like, these set of buttons are designed for a traditional monogamous couple, so it’s not exactly anonymous. Either you or your partner is horny; it’s not like there’s a third person in this equation. But there are chances that it may bring in a particular dilemma; as anyone with an Amazon Dash button and a cat, dog, or toddler will tell you, accidents happen.

Sometimes, a button gets pressed over and over again as your pet or toddler got bored and started using the button as a toy. The same thing could happen with this button. Having a cat hit a button repeatedly, without your partner’s knowledge, alert with an awkward message about you being horny at 2:30 in the afternoon.

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