How Far Are Your Baby Products Safe?

How Far Are Your Baby Products Safe?

Wouldnt it be wonderful if babies were showered with pure love, care concern and uncontaminated baby care products Of course, parents want the finest...

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if babies were showered with pure love, care concern and uncontaminated baby care products? Of course, parents want the finest for their babies but convenience may be one of the primary factors parents unintentionally end up making compromises or wrong choices. But if we were to explore and research the ingredients of these products, we would be appalled and distraught at our ignorant approach and choices! Unfortunately, there are no standards for safe and toxin free baby products because of the deep rooted unhealthy commercialisation that exists in society.

Effects Of Toxic Baby Care Baby Care Products
Most baby products available today lack impeccable standards but it’s time to resist toxic baby care products, till they are formally banned. So what happens when a baby, is exposed to these toxic chemicals? It could cause discomforting rash, infections, allergies, or even something scary like damage to the brain! Babies are vulnerable, with an undeveloped immune system, making them extremely sensitive to the environment.

You will be surprised to know that besides harming babies, these products are not even eco friendly! There is extensive supporting evidence from studies stating that plastic or polyester based wet wipes, diapers etc. are not of the major sources of pollution across the world.

The Rising Demand For Safe Products
As parents are more informed and cautions now, the demand for toxic free, safe baby products which are medically tested and eco friendly are on the rise. Moreover, parents are convinced of the adverse effects of harmful baby products and are ready to go the extra mile to choose a safe product. Therefore, there are also open to exploring homemade, Ayurvedic baby care products and as a result, diapers and diapers and wipes that are plant fibre based with high water content are becoming popular. Also, the demand now is for products and baby cosmetics that are unscented and which have natural oils. Parents are preferring products that are dermatologically tested, biodegradable and made by following international standards and products which are certified by trusted organisations and backed by intensive research.

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