Action on promises is a must

Action on promises is a must

Apropos the statement of ECI TS records 7320 polling that reflects the turnout of the voters to franchise in recent held TS Assembly elections has...

Apropos the statement of ECI “TS records 73.20% polling:” that reflects the turnout of the voters to franchise in recent held TS Assembly elections has clearly denoted that the women voters have cast their vote more than the men. The urbanised voters turnout is recorded lesser than the rural based voters that the Rangareddy and Hyderabad voting percentage is recorded as 43% against the rural based districts have recorded about 80-83% ultimately at state level recorded as 73%.

The manifesto released by the political parties have a basket of promises and accusations from the leaders and party supremo without thinking whether all the promises are fulfilled without taking into account the burden on exchequer and bottlenecks in implementation at gross route level. The ultimate goal of political parties with their candidates in the fray is to win the electoral battle, but not concerned about the requirement of budgets for fulfilling their promises. The high turn-out of voters in rural is being caused that the political parties have lured the voters in different means and ways which was not impact on urban voters that ultimately resulted the less voting recorded.

In a bid to know the mindset of the urbanised voter who is an IT professional and other employees in both private and public sector in Hyderabad has expressed that the Government comes into power will raises the tariffs, taxes duly collected from the payers in order to benefit the people who are not in tax trap net may lead to bankruptcy of the Government.

The party which forms Government will have to forecast the impact of implementation of such huge promises which burdens on exchequer and making the people as parasites on the Government but has to envisage that to make stand on their own self sufficiency not to much more dependency on the Welfare of Govt. Schemes.

- A R K Murthy, Chennur

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