United we stand, divided we fall

United we stand, divided we fall

It is Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Raos dream to form and lead the Federal Front of regional parties excluding two national parties the...

It is Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s dream to form and lead the Federal Front of regional parties excluding two national parties – the BJP and the Congress. In fact, the idea behind the third front is to agitate for more powers to States in areas where Central government has nothing to do with them. For example, postings of civil servants, selection of DGPs, educational and other policies etc where the role of the Centre is just on paper only. However, these and many other issues are in the grip of the Centre and States are just onlookers.

Just to get autonomy in some subjects and funds, Chandrashekar Rao wants to form a separate front of regional parties who are affected by some Central policies. But unfortunately, there is no unanimity among regional parties to fight for more rights and funds. The Congress and the BJP being national parties, they got pan India base, of course less in south India but trying to cover it too. As regional parties confined to some States only, the Federal Front of regional parties will not match the national parties in all aspects.

From 2014 onwards, the BJP gained in majority of States beating the Congress and now this is the time for the Congress to beat the BJP in next elections. Thus, people are preferring these two national parties and limiting regional parties to some States. And most of the regional parties, except two or three, are in alliance either with the Congress or the BJP or with any crossovers for political advantage now and then. Moreover, regional parties like the TRS, the TMC, the BSP, the SP and the AAP desire to dominate in their own respective regions for political and selfish motto. So far, Chandrashekar Rao did not get hundred percent support unconditionally from any one whom he met recently for the second time.

And other smaller parties are in alliance either with the Congress or the BJP or supporting outside for any one of the two in the government. Thus, federation of regional parties might not come up so easily. It is the wish of every regional party to fight for States’ demands unitedly either with the NDA or the UPA, in alliance with any one of them. Recently, Stalin of the DMK proposed Rahul as the Prime Ministerial candidate which means he does not want to leave the Congress. The AIADMK most probably might join the NDA as its opponent is in the UPA alliance. The BSP and the SP want to fight jointly with national parties with separate identity by forming alliance without any idea of front of regional parties but leaning slightly towards the Congress ghatbhandan.

On the other hand, the south leadership is not a favourite choice for the rest of the country’s political parties as north or west wants to get the upper hand. If freedom is given to States decentralising some Central powers, it might lead to interstate disputes on many issues as every State wants its own welfare irrespective of problems of other States. The Central government plays a role of head of the family to keep the joint family intact solving the problems of individual members to the best of its ability. In view of these facts, it is better to fight for demands of States jointly and decentralisation of some subjects with freedom to States keeping vital national subjects with the Central government as there is no instant positive response for Federal Front of regional parties other than exchanging bouquets and pleasantries without seriousness so far.

- Jayaprakash Reddy, Ramagiri Street, Nalgonda

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