Enhance quota for SC, ST, BC categories
Enhance quota for SC, ST, BC categories

The NDA government has succeeded in its strategy by passing the bill in both houses to provide reservations in education and employment to the economically backward classes among upper caste and General categories. 

The Government of Telangana under the leadership of KCR has passed the Telangana Reservation Bill (Backward classes, SC& ST Reservation Bill 2017) to enhance the existing reservations to Muslim BCs from 4% to 12% and ST from 6% to 10%. 

The Supreme Court of India has put a cap of 50% reservation in Indira Sawhney Case in 1992, so the Telangana government has sent this bill to the Government of India for the Purpose for including the same in Schedule IX of the Constitution.

 TRS Members of parliament have continuously demanded in the house to accept the Telangana Reservation bill. But unfortunately, The GOI has not taken any positive action on this bill. 

The GOI move to provide reservations to the economically backward classes in appreciated, as well as the population of SCs, STs, and Backward Classes in the State of Telangana is more than 80%. 

The existing quota of 50% is not enough to provide justice to these categories. These socially and educationally backward and deprived communities are waiting for their proportionate quota since many years. 

The GOI should make amendment in the constitution of India and empower the State Governments to enhance their state level reservations as per their population of backward classes. 

The existing reservations for SCs, STs and Backward classes should be enhanced from 50% to 70%. The open category communities will also support and may not object this enhancement because they will also get quota of 10% under EBC category. - Mohammed Iftekharuddin Ahmed, Hyderabad

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