In AP state the voters are in utter confusion to the question to who can they vote in assembly elections? The political situation in state looks like a 4-pillar game. There is ruling party TDP headed by a wily senior most politician, Chandrababu Naidu. Though for him contradicting his own statements is a routine affair. He mastered the art of U-turns and he is adept in stating instant lies and he firmly believes in the dictum’ the best form of defence is offence’.

Those who followed this method earlier like Kejriwal tasted defeat, he is steadfast opposing the all-strong man Narendra Modi which is akin to digging his own grave. Despite these setbacks and continuous verbal attacks from YSRC party boss and non- cooperation from the centre in releasing funds for his fierce battle declared against the centre, he is able to move the state forward within the limits and limitations.

There is another party YSR Congress headed by one and only person Jagan Mohan Reddy and his only mission is occupy chief minister throne by hook or crook. He is totally failed to neither discharge his role as opposition leader nor do any good to the state or people of Andhra except indulging in opposing CBN. 

Vociferously and obsessed with the disorder of abusing CBN, all the four- and -a- half years his precious time was drained by walking along the streets of state and showering the boons whatever comes to his brain at the spur of the moment, the promises he made to people are simply impossible to implement. 

He is doing all this as he in hurry to occupy seat of chief minister. He can be compared to drifting wood in the present state of politics,  and added to this he is involved in several economic crimes. He is not at all a trustworthy leader and is not fit to occupy the chair of chief minister. No sensible voter would prefer to vote for a proven corrupt and irresponsible leader like him.

There is’ Jana Sena Party’ headed by maverick cine hero turned politician . Pawan Kalyan . He is no doubt an honest man and he really sacrificed his lucrative cinema career to render service the people of state, though certain sections especially youth are inclined towards him for a change. He has no financial backing to spend crores of amount  to canvass during elections time and to distribute amounts to  voters for votes .Though he is a political novice ,he may be encouraged for his sincerity, unless he works either with TDP and get the backing of BJP, it is not possible to win a decent number of seats to play crucial role in state politics.

And lastly there is nationally strong and state- wise weak BJP party which has no strong roots in AP state, it has to take the support of one or the other parties to bargain some seats in parliament elections or else it would end up as a noise maker despite its strength all over India.

 - Rama Krishna M, Kakinada

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