People are not fools, Mr Naidu!

People are not fools, Mr Naidu!

To save democracy, ballot papers need to be introduced is what our AP Chief Minister believes He refers to the BJP tampering of EVMs in 2014 general...

To save democracy, ballot papers need to be introduced is what our AP Chief Minister believes. He refers to the BJP tampering of EVMs in 2014 general elections (The Hans 22-1-2019 front page). This news of tampering EVMs was voiced by some other political parties earlier also. But the CM was silent all these days. We need to think that what could be the reason behind Chandrababu Naidu’s statements now, just before 2019 elections?

He claims that he is a very senior politician and has rich experience as a Chief Minister and he has a greater vision. If all these statements are true, then why was he silent since 2014? Why could he not estimate the political stunt/gimmicks of BJP with his intelligence gained with a long experience in politics?

He wants to show BJP as an excuse for doing almost nothing beneficial to the state. If he is such a committed leader and visionary, why did he invite Narendra Modi and Pawan Kalyan for his election campaign in the previous general elections? What is the reason for his sudden and strong rivalry with BJP? Mr. CM by all these gimmicks you prove to be a seasoned politician but never a leader/statesman. It is time for the people to think whether we can be fooled so easily? Yes, we can only prove that we are not foolish always by rejecting the short term (election based) benefits.

- Thummapudi Bharathi, Tirupati

Baseless allegations

The shocking allegations raised on the Indian EVMs and rigging of 2014 elections are false, baseless and condemnable (Cyber expert claims India's 2014 polls rigged, The Hans India, 22Jan). First and foremost, it is humanly impossible for any political party to "programme "the EVM, at manufacturing stage, to record all votes for one candidate. It is because, the order of contesting candidates will be listed on the EVM, on the last date of withdrawals, which means just two weeks before the poll day.

At this stage, the EVMs are in the safe custody of impregnable ECI, and under the watchful eyes of the representatives of all political parties. Hence the manipulation of EVMs at this stage is just impossible. Further, as we are all well aware, the allotment of EVMs to constituencies, along with the polling officers / polling stations, will be done in a highly scientific manner, called randomisation, in the presence of candidates or representatives of political parties, just one day before the poll day.

Hence it is juvenile to allege that EVMs are hackable. In view of the fool proof technology and time- tested processes, adopted by the ECI, there is no scope for hacking the wonder machines of Indian democracy. Hope wisdom will dawn on the doubting Thomases who find baseless fault with Indian EVMs and raise wild allegations which will not shake the trust of Indian voter in the EVM.

- P H Hema Sagar, Secunderabad

Naidu also to be blamed

It is very surprising to know about the allegations made by a cyber expert named Shuja. The timing and manner of making this revelation gives rise to many doubts. Further it is very shocking to note the remarks made by AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu about the same. In fact, Babu was a part of NDA coalition which won 2014 general elections. If at all the claim made by Shuja is correct, Naidu is also responsible for it.

- Venkata Seshasai Deevi, Narasaraopet

Mere political opportunism

It is strange and ironic that claiming as the first high-tech Chief Minister of India, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, indirectly subscribes to the opinion that the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections were 'rigged.' 'Naidu is for ballot papers'. (THI, 22, Jan. 2019.) When doubts were expressed about the transparency of the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM), Naidu was the first to retort. He was more loyal than the BJP itself. Now that the relationship with the BJP has become sour, he is toeing the line of his proposed allies.

It is also shocking that a person, supposedly involved in the manufacturing of the EVM at the Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. (ECIL), Hyderabad, too alleging fraudulent nature of the EVM. Mysteriously, a cyber expert, he is seeking asylum in the US. This is not the first time that the suspicious nature of the EVM is raised. Every time the Election Commission (EC) has been stoutly denying the allegations.

Since the first general elections in 1952 EC has a fair record of conducting the polls in India. Nehru was in a haste to conduct the 1952 Elections. The unsung hero, the first Election Commissioner made it successful. Since then much water has flown in the Yamuna. As the accusation is against the ruling NDA and BJP, in its own interest it should clear the doubt, without wasting time, before the electoral process starts within the next fifty days.

- K C Kalkura, Kurnool

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