Rap on CBI chief apt

Rap on CBI chief apt

Police highhandedness has a history of more than hundred years. They spared none; not even the Father of the Nation. They blatantly violated the court orders. When the victims of the erroneous actions are private individuals, the courts have been lenient. Whether it is for the govt or the judiciary of the individuals, the yardstick to measure the damage to the majesty of justice is the same. The casualty is the rule of law.

The topmost cop in the country, no matter he is holding the post temporary or regular or permanent, Director of the CBI, M.Nageswara Rao blatantly violated the Supreme Court Order and transferred some key officers. He or the Powers behind the scene might not have liked the manner in which the investigating officers were discharging their duties. Apparently, the law approved their course. 

The apex court has rightly pointed out that the Director, CBI cannot be a law unto himself. His conviction is an unfailing a signal to the police hierarchy, still orchestrated in the colonial sentiments and spirits. Topmost law officers, including the Attorney General of India should have been more careful in advising and defending such lawbreakers. They must be loyal to the law and not to the individuals in the govt. They are not the mouth pieces of the govt; but the spokespersons of the Constitutional scheme. 

K C Kalkura, Kurnool

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