Supreme Court sends a strong message

Supreme Court sends a strong message

The  Supreme Court of India on Tuesday with its judgment, in case of  ex-CBI director M. Nageshwar Rao, the 1986 batch IPS officer from Telangana, proved that “the virtue is rewarded and the evil is punished” at the end. On the other hand, it is understood that the judgment has also made all the citizens of its  respective nation remember that  none is above the law and none can escape from the eyes of law. 

Even  though it might demand  some time to prove the guilt of criminals, punishing criminals and bringing  anti-social elements under the control of law is  indispensable. It is  the strongest message that one should decipher from the  sentence  of M. Nageshwar Rao, who is punished for a day by making him stand-up till the  court is risen and is also fined Rs. 1 lakh by the Suprme Court, for the contempt of the court and for the 'brazen attitude'.

In addition to him, the  court has  also punished S. Bhasuran, Additional Legal Advisor  of CBI in the same for the same offence. Though Rao in his affidavit said; “ not willfully violated the orders of this Honorable court as I cannot even dream of violating or circumventing the orders of this  Honorable court … I unhesitatingly accept my mistake and tender my unconditional and unequivocal apology,”  the Honorable court did not accept his repentance and  unconditional apology, stating “ never ever file an affidavit which is not in your personal satisfaction.

Law is the only master you serve...” these words are so thought provoking to frame an idea about the law that it is so fair in case of every individual irrespective of his /her status in society. Law is said to have understood that it is also  in the know of truth of a particular issue; but  it can’t prove  anything on its own unless it has a material evidence provided by someone, who loves   the truth in the spirit of its letters.  

Of course, he  may not have committed any mistake wilfully, but he has become a puppet in the hands of the BJP government just for mere personal benefits and got a blemished mark on his 32 years of unblemished track record.  Apart from this, he has also received so much humiliation from the protectors of law. The Chief Justice of India Gogoi said,”You are playing with the order of the Supreme Court. God help you. Never never play with the order of the court… go to one corner of this court and sit down till court rises.” 

Is it not enough to reiterate that it is a big blow for officers like Nageshwar Rao, who tend to use the good office for their  personal interests? Cannot it be thought that it would become a splendid lesson for those who neglect the law by taking their close affiliations with the people at helm of affairs into account?

However, the court of law is highly respected for its unbiased judgment through which   it has proved that the law is nobody's friend.(“Sit in corner till court rises,”THI.,13.02.19).

Dr Venkat Avula, Hyderabad.   

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