Hyderabad Road Show - Invest Karnataka 2016

Hyderabad Road Show - Invest Karnataka 2016

Invest Karnataka 2016, the Global Investors Meet is scheduled to be held in Bengaluru from February 3-5 2016.

Invest Karnataka 2016, the Global Investors Meet is scheduled to be held in Bengaluru from February 3-5 2016.

Hyderabad: Invest Karnataka 2016 – Setting the stage for the next edition of the Invest Karnataka 2016, Karnataka State hosted the Hyderabad road show at the Park Hyatt in Banjara Hills. The Ministers present at the event included:

• Sri R. V. Deshpande, Hon’ble Minister for Large and Medium Scale Industries and Tourism & Minister for Large and Medium Industries
• Sri. Satish Jarkiholi, Hon’ble Minister for Small Scale Industries, Government of Karnataka,
• Sri. Roshan Baig, Hon’ble Minister for Infrastructure Development, Information and Haj, Government of Karnataka

The event also saw senior government officials, members of FICCI Telangana and Andhra Pradesh region, key Industrialists and CEOs in Hyderabad to discuss potential investments at ‘Invest Karnataka-2016’ global investors meet, scheduled from February 3 to 5, 2016 in Bengaluru.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri R. V. Deshpande said that the Government of Karnataka promises only what it can deliver and assured the audience that the Government will do everything possible to enable companies to conduct businesses ethically, seamlessly and easily. He also emphasized that Karnataka is constantly evolving. The legacy of great minds such as Maharajas of Mysore and great scientists like Sir M Vishveshwaraya has been carried forward through years in the state and now is also being hailed as the “Startup capital” of India.

He also added that credit must be given to the progressive and forward looking State Government which has proactively adopted a “cluster based approach” for industrial development. The Minister stressed that Karnataka’s USP is a powerful combination of a highly skilled workforce, great technical and technological expertise, an entrepreneurial mindset driven by innovation and a thriving cluster based ecosystem. This is the reason Karnataka ranks as the 4th most innovative clusters globally behind Silicon Valley, Boston and London.

The Minister also added that the future is being made in Karnataka especially since technology is changing lives like no other. He mentioned that the future is in hi-technology and hi-technology is being made in Karnataka. 3D Printing, Nano technology, Advanced Materials, Robotics Internet of Things are the technologies which will define the way we live and work for the next few decades and Karnataka has become the hub for all these technologies.

He also averred the Government focus is on infrastructure and is investing in a big way in upgrading the state’s infrastructure to include tier 1 and tier 2 towns and backward regions. The state has some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the country like the Chennai Bengaluru Infrastructure Corridor, numerous Tier-2 airports, highway projects and ports coming up. There has been a lot of focus on Bengaluru and the Government is committed to upgrading the infrastructure in the city to make it easier to conduct business.

He also highlighted that under the leadership of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, there is a strong, stable and proactive government whose doors are wide open for industry and are approachable 24/7. The Minister announced that the Government is now introducing a “Startup policy” shortly. Lastly, the Minister also highlighted that Karnataka’s industrial relations are one of the best in the country. The State also has the least number of strikes and minimal loss of productivity due to labour unrest. He concluded saying that it is the Government's endeavor is to make Karnataka the best place to business in the region.

Towards this end, Invest Karnataka 2016 will not only focus on attracting new investments in the 8 focus sectors, but will also be showcasing various initiatives they have taken with this larger aspiration in mind. Earlier in the day Sri R. V. Deshpande, Hon’ble Minister for Large and Medium Scale Industries and Tourism & Minister for Large and Medium Industries interacted with potential investors in state including:

Mr. Ramakrishna P, President, NSL Power
Mr. Alla Ayodhya Rami Reddy, Chairman, Ramky Infrastructure Limited
Mr. Vikram Kailas, MD, Mytrah power
Mr. Mahesh, Founder, President and Joint MD, Greenko
Mr. Prasad Yerneni, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Ecoren Energy
Dr. Krishna Ella, CMD, Bharat Biotech
Dr Chandra Sekhar NK, CMD, Mayuka Labs Private Limited
Mr. P B Kaginalli, MD, Gamma Agro-Medical Processing PVT. LTD.
Mr.Raghuveer Singh, Regional Director, 24x7 Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Gopal M Mor, Director, Cooptions Corporation Ltd
Mr. Sundara Rajan, CEO, Janani Foods Pvt Ltd
Mr. Kusuma Rajaiah, Advisor, Inventor & Patent Holder of Ahimsasilk,, Designer weaves
Mr. Ravi Chandra V, Managing Director, Tecordeon Software Pvt Ltd
Mr. Panuganti Bala Brahmam, Director Technical, Process Plant Consultants and Engineers
Dr.Nagu.Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Professor and HOD - Dept. of CSE, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering ,
Mr. K V Raghavender, ASSOC Professor, MRGI

About 'Invest Karnataka'

'Invest Karnataka' is the Global Investors Meet, where investors from various parts of the world come together and are showcased the competitive strengths, investment opportunities, avenues of collaboration, and investment facilitation mechanisms available in the State of Karnataka. The proposed global meet has already fetched a lot of curiosity in the investor community this year. The Logo and website for ‘Invest Karnataka 2016’ was unveiled at the curtain raiser event in Bengaluru. Multiple B2B meetings, events and roadshows have been organized to build anticipation and create greater interest towards the meet and set the tone of “Invest Karnataka 2016”, which promises to present an exemplary state to potential investors.

About Karnataka

Karnataka is one of the leading States in driving India's economic growth. The State GDP of ` 2970 billion (US$ 49 billion) in 2012-13 (at constant prices) grew at 5.3%, higher than the national GDP of 5% when compared to FY2011-12.The State's export of ` 2400 billion (US $ 40 billion) during the period 2012-13 constitutes 12.69% of all India exports. Its share in the national exports for IT is 40% and for electronics and hardware is 38%. The share of electronics and software in State's exports stands at 60% for the period 2012-13.

The State is home to the fourth largest technology cluster in the world after Silicon Valley, Boston and London. Manufacturing sector employs 11% of the work force followed by Construction sector with 9.60%. Service sector (Secondary and Tertiary sector) employs 46% of the work force as per Economic Survey of Karnataka 13-14. Karnataka is the Knowledge Hub of Asia with 201 plus Engineering colleges, 114 plus Medical colleges/institutions, 50 Universities and 13 International Schools apart from presence of more than 370 plus world renowned high end research and development organizations.

The World Economic Forum has identified Karnataka among the top four innovation hubs in the World. With good rail, road & air connectivity, logistic support, infrastructure, excellent telecommunication network and peaceful labour, the State has been a preferred destination for investment attracting 4th largest FDI in the country. The State is considered as the fastest growing market in India.

The State has been ranked number one for a healthy business climate and attracting investments by World Bank's Investment Climate Index and Bangalore – Best India City to Live in - 'Quality of Living Survey - Worldwide Rankings, 2011'– Mercer. Karnataka is one of the most progressive and industrious states in India. Being a globally renowned knowledge hub, it houses the largest number of R&D Centers, technical & medical institutions and the highest number of startups in Asia. Its salubrious climate, cosmopolitan culture, investor friendly ecosystem and highly responsive administration makes Karnataka one of the most preferred investment destinations globally.

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