Pride goeth before a fall, message of Mahabharat to Modiji

Pride goeth before a fall, message of Mahabharat to Modiji

#As a part of obligation of Pandavas to Kauravas, the Pandavas have started to live in Narayanasrama forest and once the wife of Pandavas requested to...

As a part of obligation of Pandavas to Kauravas, the Pandavas have started to live in Narayanasrama forest and once the wife of Pandavas requested to one of her husbands Bhima to get her Saugandhika flower that was sending out its fragrance from nearby area. Bhima started to move towards the direction from which the fragrance was coming. On his way he saw a monkey resting on the path blocking the way for Bhima.

The proud Bhima warned the money to move away as he is a great warrior, a Kshatriya from Kuru race, son of Kunti and Wind god and finally the brother of Hanuman. But the money instead of yielding to the threat of Bhima, asked his to jump over it or otherwise move its tail from the path and then move.

Considering the reply of the monkey to be silly and foolish, Bhima made attempts to pull the money by its tail but, he could not move the monkey or its tail even an inch. Admitting his defeat, the humiliated Bhima asked the money about its true identity. The monkey told Bhima that he is Hanuman and have come to caution him of his arrogance and pride and if Bhima fails to contain them, they would beckon his fall.

After realizing his arrogance, pride and muscle strength, Bhima became humble, collected Saugandhika flowers for Draupadi and safely went back.

The proposed NMC bill of Modiji’s Government to allow back door entry for AYUSH vaidyas to practice allopathy after undertaking bridge course without caring and fearing about the consequence of such controversial move, how it can affect the life of poor people looks like it is nothing but the pride and arrogance of Bhima.

Bhima was indeed a powerful valiant. He overrated his power and tends to express his arrogance based on his muscle power but was humbled by Hanuman. Modiji has highest acceptance rate of people of the country. Modiji is doing everything possible to minimize corruption. He has absolute majority to enact any law. It is also believed that Modiji may come back to power in coming election as well. Has Modiji gone arrogant due to all the above facts?

May be because of the unconditional respect and recognition that Modiji enjoys today, he is taking such a dangerous misadventure to produce ‘overnight doctors’ through a bridge course out of AYUSH graduation.

Certainly this approach is quite regressive, reprehensive and ani-poor & anti-rural. One end the Government is attempting to raise the bar of medical education by mandating NEET for admission, exist exam to practice etc. Simultaneously the same Government is opening the back door for AYUSH vaidyas to practice allopathy drugs and in a sense become MBBS doctor.

The Modiji who constituted Ministry of AYUSH and asked the AYUSH vaidyas to believe in own system and not engage in cross pathy way back in 2014 now wants the AYUSH vaidyas to do cross pathy and to legalize cross pathy, he propose to bring bridge course and like to call such mixing of hay and husk with scientific medicine as integrated health care practice. This regressive intent will certainly pains any one who nurtures scientific growth of this country.

AYUSH is a paramedical practice and at best it can offer some palliative / placebo effect to the mind and certainly not to the ailing body. AYUSH can promote positive faith and can offer lavish hope even to a patient in terminal stage (metastasis stage) of cancer who is counting hours to death.

How we can call such practices as scientific and allow those who have studied such faith based philosophical contents as doctors to practice allopathic drugs? Is it the medical profession is just about prescribing allopathic drugs and the diagnosis is not at all important? If one can easily learn about all such medical details in one year or even less than that (through a bridge course), then why we need 5 ½ of MBBS course?

Pride or ignorance is riding the Government to go ahead with such controversial move? India need strong opposition party, Raghul Gandhi must take up all these issues as the NMC bill in its present form is anti poor and against innocent people.

Many educated people and people who value and respect scientific temperament are ready to march with Raghul Ghandhi and other opposition parties to save India from mixing of non science with scientific health care system.

Dr S Ranganathan

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