Kumbh Mela : Children impressed with preparation
Kumbh Mela : Children impressed with preparation

Allahabad: The ongoing Kumbh here has created a wave of excitement among schoolchildren, who say they are impressed with preparation being done for devotees in India and abroad. 

The Kumbh Mela commenced on January 15 on Makar Sankranti, which was the first bathing day, and will end on Mahashivratri on March 4. Apratim Neogy, a student of class 7, said, "I witnessed the arrival of delegates from various countries recently in the city. 

I was a part of the human chain formed by the school children here, while welcoming the foreign delegates. 

It was a very exciting and memorable experience to welcome the foreign guests in our city." 

Neogy, who has an interest in art and painting, said the wall paintings done (under the campaign Paint My City) has given a new dimension to Sangam city, which was earlier synonymous with encroached roads. 

"I also called up my great-grandmother (who stays in the city) on a couple of occasions to know the mythological stories pertaining to the Kumbh," the class 7 student said.

Hiten Mandhyan, who is also a student, was impressed with the arrival of foreign delegates in the Sangam city. "The glimpse of foreign guests arriving here was a pleasant sight to see," he said. 

Anupriye Singh, a student of class 11 said, the colour combination used in painting the city in and around the Civil Lines locality has been eye-catching. 

"It was also nice to see that encroached roads were freed of encroachment by the government agencies. The steel roundabouts have given a new look to the city," Singh said. 

He also said the murals and a host of other statues and artefacts installed at various have really been nice. "The statue of Lord Krishna along with Radha sitting on a jhoola (swing) next to a railway bridge near Johnstonganj crossing has been catching eyeballs," he said. 

A teacher at one of the schools here, Rumela Neogy, when contacted said, "As a teacher, I feel that it has been a nice learning curve for the students, who are exploring various aspects of this mega event, which is bringing forth the cultural and spiritual heritage of the country." 

She added that the transformation of the city for the largest religious gathering has been phenomenal. 

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