Narendra Modi pitches for majority govt

Narendra Modi pitches for majority govt

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took potshots at Rahul Gandhi, saying the Congress president’s claim of an ‘earthquake’ if he speaks on the Rafale jet deal fell flat.

Modi, in his final speech in the Lok Sabha ahead of general elections, pitched for a majority government, saying the country’s image had enhanced globally due to the electoral mandate enjoyed by the current dispensation.

Taking a swipe at Gandhi, who was not present in the House at that time, Modi referred to the Congress president’s remarks on Rafale, and the hug and ‘winking’ episodes, saying it was a new thing he witnessed as a first-time member of Parliament.

The Prime Minister praised Speaker Sumitra Mahajan’s leadership and said eight of 17 sessions of this Lok Sabha had over 100 per cent productivity. The overall productivity was recorded at over 85 per cent. He said India suffered globally for long due to fractured mandates. But now it is taken seriously in the global arena because of the majority government, he said.

He maintained that neither he nor External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj are responsible for India’s enhanced image globally. Modi said the credit goes to the majority the government enjoys in the Lok Sabha. The credit, he said, goes to the people of the country.

Referring to the achievements of his government, he said, India has become the 6th largest economy and is fast moving towards being a $5 trillion economy. The 16th Lok Sabha passed 203 bills out of 219 introduced, including one on curbing black money.


  • India has made its mark on digital map. The world looks at us differently because we are a strong majority government. 
  • Few tried to fly planes, but they couldn't touch the heights of democracy. The PM was referring to Congress MPs flying paper planes in the Lok Sabha to protest the Rafale defence deal. 
  • They warned of an earthquake, but we didn't see any: Modi took a dig at Rahul Gandhi's 2016 remark 
  • India has become sixth largest economy and is close to becoming $5 trillion economy. 
  • Eight of 17 sessions of this Lok Sabha had over 100 per cent productivity, with an overall productivity of over 85 per cent. 
  • It is this Lok Sabha that has passed stringent laws against corruption and black money. 
  • It is this Lok Sabha that passed the GST. 
  • The 16th Lok Sabha has the highest number of women MPs in House. 
  • It was in this house that I learnt the difference between ‘gale lagna’ (to hug somebody) and ‘gale padna’ (to pile on somebody).

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